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12 Months of OpenStreetMap

12 Months of OpenStreetMap was inspired by the Project of the Month done by mappers in France, Switzerland and Germany. See the French wiki page Projet du mois and the German "Wochenaufgabe for examples. Setting a monthly theme gives us the opportunity to learn and work together around a certain OpenStreetMap theme, and can also used for targeted data improvement in under mapped places in the US.

Have tagging questions or want ideas for features? Check out the Map Feature Documentation.

Be sure to use the changeset comment #12monthsofOSM when uploading your edits!

12 months of OpenStreetMap Themes for 2021
January Let it Snow! A Celebration of Winter "Mapping Ourey Ice Park" Mappy Hour presentation snowmobile routes, ski resorts, emergency snow routes
February A Celebration of Black History Month "Mapping Segregation" Mappy Hour presentation February is Black History Month – a good time for us to take a closer look at what’s in OSM.

Are there any missing landmarks, memorials, or artwork associated with Black historical figures, abolitionism, or the Civil Rights Movement? Your local library website may have resources for learning about Black history in your community.

March A Celebration of Womens History Month OSM Ladies Night Mappy Hour 3/8/21 Geochicas: The Streets of Women, update tagging in support of women

Tagging in support of women and girls

April A Celebration of the Natural Environment Mappy Hour 4/28 with mapping in nature talks! Mapping ideas ~ Streams (including bridges and culverts), trails, trees, parks, conservation areas
May Celebrating National Walking & Biking Month Mappy Hour 5/12/21 featuring sidewalk & biking talks Sidewalks, curbs, and bike infrastructure.
June Supporting Disaster Response & Resiliency Mappy Hour 6/16/21 with guest speakers discussing mapping for Disaster Response & Resilience Mapping communities in hurricane-, flood-, and wildfire-prone areas; mapping emergency services in your area

Future Suggestions

Have a suggestion for a monthly theme? Please add it below!

  • Transportation: a full month, like sidwalks, kerbs, and traffic signals
  • a month of TIGER cleanup
  • February: for black history month, something around minority owned businesses? Or something related to monuments, parks, etc. dedicated to famous people of color?
  • Rural - choose a few undermapped towns in rural areas
  • Pick a theme based s)on a state e.g. takeout in Texas, addresses in Arkansas...
  • Streams (including bridges and culvert

Ideas for Tracking Edits & Awarding Prizes

Please make any suggestions here!

30 Days of Mapping - November annually

30 days of OSM - November 2020.jpg

OpenStreetMap US challenges you to 30 days of mapping throughout November. Follow OpenStreetMapUS@OpenStreetMapUS to get a new task each day.

Map all 30 days and win a prize from OpenStreetMap US! Use the changeset comment #30daysofOSM to track your edits.

Feel free to spread the word in twitter with Twitter hashtag#30daysofOSM. See all the changesets in resultsmaps or in OSMCha.


Day What to Map Instructions Link to tagging information
1 Clocks Place a point where the clock is. Tag whether it is analog, digital, or something else. amenity=clock
2 Fire Hydrants Place a point where the fire hydrant is. emergency=fire_hydrant
3 Polling Stations Place a point where the polling station is. Include the opening hours for voting if possible. amenity=polling_station

Mapping Instructions

4 Gas Stations Trace the area around the gas station, and lines for the service roads. Add points for the gas pumps, the convenience store, the auto vacuum, and any other amenities you can think of. amenity=fuel

vending=fuel (Gas pumps)



5 Bakeries It's National Doughnut Day! Place a point where the bakery is or trace the building the baker is in. Remember to add #30daysofOSM to your changeset to track your edits. shop=bakery
6 Restaurants It's National Nachos Day! Place a point where the restaurant is, add cuisine, address, phone, opening hours if known. amenity=restaurant
7 Bike Paths Trace the bike path, add smoothness, add information boards, parking areas highway=cycleway
8 Coffee shops Coffee shops Place a point where the coffee shop is, add address, phone, hours, etc. amenity=cafe
9 Public Art Depending upon the size of the installation, add tourism=artwork to a node, a way or an area. tourism=artwork

Presentation on mapping public art

10 Picnic Sites Trace the area around the picnic site, place points for picnic tables, bbq grills, trace paths leading to the area and connect to parking tourism=picnic_site
11 Flag Poles Place a node at the base of the flagpole and include the type of flag. We map the 'flagpole' rather than just a 'flag', because a flagpole has a clear static location. Information about the flag typically flown on that flagpole can be added with attributes. man made=flagpole
12 Waste Baskets Place a point at the location of the waste basket. Add collection times if known. amenity=waste_basket
13 Record Stores It's National Hug a Musician Day (no kidding!). Set a node or draw as an area along the shop outline. Add name using name=* or use noname=yes to mark that shop has no name. shop=music
14 Solar Panels Trace the area around the solar panels, tag as `power=plant` if a large installation, `power=generator` for small/rooftop panels. generator:source=solar
15 Recycling Containers Place a point where the recycling container is, add tags to say what materials accepted, collection times if known. amenity=recycling
16 Vending Machines Place a point at the vending machine location and tag the type of vending machine. amenity=vending_machine
17 Trails It's "Take a Hike Day" so today's task is trails. Trace the trails, add smoothness and difficulty, add information boards, parking areas, garbage cans. Mapping while on a hike
18 Parking Lots Trace the area around the parking area, add service road "arteries" and parking aisle "capillaries", access public/customers. amenity=parking
19 Toilets Place a point at the bathroom location, tag as male/female/intersex, and access public/customers. amenity=toilets
20 Shopping Centers Trace the area around the shopping center, place points for businesses inside, trace parking areas too. landuse=retail
21 Hospitals Trace the area around the hospital, trace service roads and parking areas, add point at emergency entrance. amenity=hospital
22 Buildings Trace an area around the building footprint, tag building type and height/levels if known. The most basic use is building=yes.
23 Basketball Courts Trace area around the basketball court, trace paths leading to the courts, add number of hoops if known. leisure=pitch
24 Sidewalk / Crossing Trace sidewalks, trace crossings and tag as 'marked' if visible markings on the road. Make sure everything is connected. footway=sidewalk
25 Playgrounds Trace the area around the playground, place points for all the playground equipment (slides, swings, structure), add min/max age if known. leisure=playground
26 Farms Trace the area around the farm, add parking areas, farm stand, address, phone, hours if known, crops. landuse=farmland
27 Rivers / Streams Trace the rivers and streams. Rivers are wide and hard to cross, streams you can walk through or jump over. Add any bridges or culverts where they cross roads. key:waterway
28 Stop Signs Place a point on the road at the stop sign location, tag the direction (forward/backward/all). highway=stop
29 Bus / Transit Stops Place a point or draw a line for the platform where people wait. Place a point on the road/rail for the stoppng location, add network tags. highway=bus_stop
30 Curb Ramps Place a point at the curb ramp location and tag as lowered, flush, etc. Key:kerb

Mapping projects



See United States/Data

Other interesting projects

  • TopOSM - Lars Ahlzen is working on topographic map based on OSM data at toposm.com. As of now it only covers the state of Massachusetts.