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12 Months of OpenStreetMap

12 Months of OpenStreetMap was inspired by the Project of the Month done by mappers in France, Switzerland and Germany. See the French wiki page Projet du mois and the German "Wochenaufgabe for examples. Setting a monthly theme gives us the opportunity to learn and work together around a certain OpenStreetMap theme, and can also used for targeted data improvement in under mapped places in the US.

Have tagging questions or want ideas for features? Check out the Map Feature Documentation.

Be sure to use the changeset comment #12monthsofOSM when uploading your edits!

12 Months of OpenStreetMap Themes for 2022

January Mobility & Accessibility January 26 Mappy Hour with The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology sidewalks, crosswalks, kerb cuts Code for Charlottesville: Sidewalks & Crossings
February Rural America February 23 Mappy Hour - open discussion on mapping Rural America TIGER cleanup, building mapping, health & emergency services in rural areas TIGER cleanup in Washington State
March The Built Environment March 23 Mappy Hour with Melanie Laverdiere of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory buildings, building attributes, parking lots Parking Lots in New Orleans
April Urban Greenspaces 12 April Map-Along: Improving Park Mapping

April 27 Mappy Hour with Veronica Nixon from PHXGeo

parks, park features, street trees, urban natural areas & reserves Urban greenspaces in the Baltimore-DC area on MapRoulette
May Sustainable Transportation May 25 Mappy Hour with Zhi Keng He from BetaNYC bus stops, bike boxes, bike parking and rental stations Mapping services and amenities along the 9-11 National Memorial Trail
June Coastal America June 22 Mappy Hour - open discussion on mapping coastal America coastal buildings and roads; communities in hurricane and flood risk areas; beaches and other natural infrastructure Mapping buildings in Ocean County, New Jersey
July Outdoor Recreation July 20 Mappy Hour with James Crawford campgrounds, trailhead features & amenities, playgrounds, swimming pools, sports facilities Mapping Swimming Pools in NYC for Rising Tide Effect
August Water Quality & Access n/a drinking water points, toilets, storm drains, rain gardens, green roofs, water sources Missing Reservoir projects in MapRoulette
September Emergency Preparedness September 28 Mappy Hour - Mapping with Open Imagery fire stations, fire hydrants, hazardous features, industrial zones, gas stations, buildings Mapping buildings in Valley Center, California
October Healthy Communities

12 months of OpenStreetMap Themes for 2021
January Let it Snow! A Celebration of Winter "Mapping Ouray Ice Park" Mappy Hour presentation snowmobile routes, ski resorts, emergency snow routes
February A Celebration of Black History Month "Mapping Segregation" Mappy Hour presentation February is Black History Month – a good time for us to take a closer look at what’s in OSM.

Are there any missing landmarks, memorials, or artwork associated with Black historical figures, abolitionism, or the Civil Rights Movement? Your local library website may have resources for learning about Black history in your community.

March A Celebration of Womens History Month OSM Ladies Night Mappy Hour 3/8/21 Geochicas: The Streets of Women, update tagging in support of women

Tagging in support of women and girls

April A Celebration of the Natural Environment Mappy Hour 4/28 with mapping in nature talks! Mapping ideas ~ Streams (including bridges and culverts), trails, trees, parks, conservation areas
May Celebrating National Walking & Biking Month Mappy Hour 5/12/21 featuring sidewalk & biking talks Sidewalks, curbs, and bike infrastructure.
June Supporting Disaster Response & Resiliency Mappy Hour 6/16/21 with guest speakers discussing mapping for Disaster Response & Resilience Mapping communities in hurricane-, flood-, and wildfire-prone areas; mapping emergency services in your area
July Celebrating National Parks & Recreation Month Mappy Hour 7/14 with guest speakers discussing mapping state parks and playgrounds. Parks, playgrounds, sports pitches, playgrounds
August Back-to-School Month! Mappy Hour 8/18 Schools, Safe Routes to School, playgrounds, libraries
September Hunger Action Month! Mappy Hour 9/8 with Alex Hill on the Detroit Food Map project and mapping food access. View the recording here. Mapping features related to food security
October Mapping History Mappy Hour 10/27 with OpenHistoricalMap. View the recording here. Mapping historical features, memorials, and documenting changes in time through OpenHistoricalMap.
November 30 Days of Mapping We're taking a break this month from Mappy Hours. Instead, check out OSM Geo Week for other events. Check back every day for a new mapping theme!
December Mapping Our Local Economies Mappy Hour 12/15/21 with Willem Lee-Stockton. Register here. Mapping local shops, marketplaces, tourism, banks and financial services.

Future Suggestions

Have a suggestion for a monthly theme? Please add it below!

  • Transportation: a full month, like sidewalks, kerbs, and traffic signals
  • a month of TIGER cleanup
  • February: for black history month, something around minority owned businesses? Or something related to monuments, parks, etc. dedicated to famous people of color?
  • Rural - choose a few undermapped towns in rural areas
  • Pick a theme based s)on a state e.g. takeout in Texas, addresses in Arkansas...
  • Streams (including bridges and culvert

Ideas for Tracking Edits & Awarding Prizes

Please make any suggestions here!

30 Days of Mapping - November annually

30 days of OSM - November 2020.jpg

OpenStreetMap US challenges you to 30 days of mapping throughout November. Follow OpenStreetMapUS@OpenStreetMapUS to get a new task each day.

Map all 30 days and win a prize from OpenStreetMap US! Use the changeset comment #30daysofOSM to track your edits.

Feel free to spread the word in twitter with Twitter hashtag#30daysofOSM. See all the changesets in resultsmaps or in OSMCha.


Day What to Map Instructions Link to tagging information
1 Little Free Libraries / Public Book Cases Map little free libraries and other public bookcases for National Family Literacy Day. Place a node where the little library is located. amenity=public_bookcase
2 Public Libraries Show some love to your local branch by adding it to the map or making sure opening hours and other tags are up to date. To map, place a point or draw as an area along the library outline. amenity=library
3 Animal Shelters For Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, make sure your local shelter is on the map. Add buildings, fences, and other features. Update opening hours and contact information. amenity=animal_shelter
4 Community Centers Draw an area area for the campus of the community center and apply the tag amenity=community_centre with useful tags like opening hours. amenity=community centre
5 Post Boxes Place USPS (and commercial) collection points, add the operator, and collection times if known. amenity=post_box
6 Fire Stations Trace the outline of the fire station area with amenity=fire_station and name=*. Add additional details if known. amenity=fire_station
7 Street Lamps Place a point where the street lamp is, add details about the light if known. highway=street_lamp
8 Bicycle Shops Place a point or draw as an area along the shop outline. Tag it with shop=bicycle, and repair=*. Add other useful tags such as name, opening hours, contact information. shop=bicycle
9 Bicycle Parking Place a point at the location of the bike parking station. Add capacity and operator if known. amenity=bicycle parking
10 Sidewalks Trace the sidewalk network, including crossings, making sure everything is connected. highway=footway +footway=sidewalk
11 Bus Stops Place a point, add network details, and physical attribute tags to assist riders. highway=bus stop
12 Pizza Places Place a point where the pizza place is with the correct amenity tag, add cuisine=pizza, as well as address, phone, opening hours if known. amenity=* + cuisine=pizza
13 Movie Theatres Map a point or draw as an area along the cinema outline. Tag it with amenity=cinema and name=*. amenity=cinema
14 Restaurants Place a point where the restaurant is, add cuisine, address, phone, opening hours if known. amenity=restaurant
15 Drinking Water Fountains Place a node at the water fountain location, and tag with type, and access public/private. amenity=drinking_water
16 Soccer Pitches Trace the pitch (or field) with the tags leisure=pitch and sport=soccer. Add name, surface, and lighting information if known leisure=pitch + sport=soccer
17 Parks Trace the area and add information such as name, operator, and hours if known. Add all the amenities your park has to offer. leisure=park
18 Trees Place a point at the center of the tree and tag it with natural=tree. natural=tree
19 Campgrounds Tag the grounds with tourism=camp_site, add operator and capacity information if known, and any amenities. tourism=camp site
20 Buildings Trace an area around the building footprint, tag building=yes unless you know the building type. building
21 Building levels Adding the number of storeys (above ground) for the buildings in your neighborhood using the building:levels tag. building:levels
22 Addresses Tag buildings in your neighborhood with address tags. addr
23 Coffee Shops Place a point where the coffee shop is, add address, phone, opening hours if known. amenity=cafe
24 Hotels Place a point where the hotel is located with the t=hotel tag, add name, address, phone, opening hours if known tourism=hotel
25 Grocery Stores Add a point or draw as an area along the store outline. Tag it with shop=supermarket and name=*. shop=supermarket
26 Gyms/Fitness Centers Place a node at the center of the gym/fitness center or draw an area along its outline. leisure=fitness centre
27 Shops Place a node at the location of the shop with the shop=* tag as well as name, opening hours, and other useful information. shop=*
28 Shopping Centers Trace the area around the shopping center, place points for businesses inside, trace parking areas too. landuse=retail
29 Parking Lots Trace the area around the parking area, add service roads and parking aisles, and access information. amenity=parking
30 Charities Place a node at the location of the charity or nonprofit. Depending on the type of charity, tag with office=ngo or amenity=social_facility. Add name and contact information. amenity=social_facility

OR office=ngo

Mapping projects



See United States/Data

Other interesting projects

  • TopOSM - Lars Ahlzen is working on topographic map based on OSM data at toposm.com. As of now it only covers the state of Massachusetts.