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Used to describe education features.

amenity=school, amenity=kindergarten, amenity=university, amenity=college, isced:level=*, grades=*

Education features are map objects and object features which relate to educational activities. Click through to the value page (e.g. amenity=school) for additional tags to use and related features to map.

Enumeration of education features

These key-tag combinations are well accepted and in heavy use.

Other approved tags:

Proposed features

These key-tag combinations are in various proposed feature stages.




  • Education 2.0 (education=*, education_*=*) — rejected based on voting outcome 2016
  • childcare (amenity=childcare) — rejected based on voting outcome, 2011
  • research institution (research_institution=yes) — rejected based on voting outcome, 2008

Features of unknown status

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