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Education Reform - amenity=education + education=
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: fluteflute
Tagging: amenity=education
Applies to: node area relation
Definition: Reorganisation of current kindergarten, school, college and university tags
Drafted on: 2010-08-18


Currently tags for places of education are fragmented through four different tags: amenity=kindergarten, amenity=school, amenity=college and amenity=university. The difference between these are often unclear in an international context, and even sometimes within the same country. (Take a look at the Wikipedia page for college if you need convincing!) Furthermore there are many aspects of schools that are not clearly tagged, or are not tagged in a standardised way.

Proposal and Tagging

I propose the four currently used education tags (amenity=kindergarten, amenity=school, amenity=college and amenity=university) are deprecated and replaced with amenity=education.

The amenity=education, along with the tags below should usually be added to an area area which is the school site's boundaries. Where the site boundaries are unknown, or the area is very small, the tags should be added to a node node. (There may also be scope for use in relations, however that is outside the scope of this proposal.)

Key Description
name=* Official (and full) name of establishment
pupil_age=* Usual age range of pupils. Usually numeric. Example: pupil_age=11-16 or pupil_age=adult
ISCED=* International Standard Classification of Education. Often a single number, but can also be a range. Examples: ISCED=3 or ISCED=1-2
gender=* If the school admits only pupils of one gender. Values: male/female/both, with both assumed if unspecified.
religion=* and denomination=* For a place teaching a general curriculum, but which has a particular religious character or has formal links with a religious organisation. Can be ambiguous, but currently in wide usage. See below (specialism:major) for an institution mainly or wholly teaching religion (e.g. 'bible school').
operator=* Wider organisation in charge of school, often local government, may be a commercial company in some circumstances (more common in UK preschools and UK academies).
specialism:major=* For establishments teaching only/mainly a specific curriculum area (for instance Guildhall School of Music and Drama). A list similar to denomination=* should be created.
specialism:minor=* For establishments with a specialism, but that makes up a small percentage of the overall curriculum (many UK secondary schools fall into this category, see Wikipedia:Specialist school). A list similar to denomination=* should be created.
addr=* To detail the school's address, postcode, country, etc.

In addition building=yes can be used for additional areas within the site. These buildings can be tagged with name=* but rarely with much else.


not a part of the proposals process as such, but hints for the renderer maintainer will help them out. maybe a description of an icon (refer Map Icons), or an example mock-up.


there must be a time set aside for other people to comment on the proposal, do not go straight to a vote.