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Prishtina, Kosovo

latitude: 42.6597, longitude: 21.1566
Browse map of Prishtina 42°39′34.92″ N, 21°09′23.76″ E
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Prishtina is a city in Kosovo at latitude 42°39′34.92″ North, longitude 21°09′23.76″ East.

Big Project, tracing of the CAD Files for Prishtina, need your help. Kosovo_Prishtina_Streets_Tracing

The city has adopted OpenStreetMap for their tourism maps! including this leaftlet. Read more on Stereo's diary

Data Import

Bus Stops and Lines

ATMs Banks



Car Rentals

Laundry Services

Construction Sites



We are looking for people to help out with flossk from each school. A school representative.

And also for firefox :

Ali Sokoli

Location on openstreetmap :

Lagja Pelagonia Prishtinë Kosovë Tel: +381 (0)38 545 581

Shkolla e Mesme "Dr. Ali Sokoli" - Prishtinë


Ali Sokoli


Facebook group:

Xhevdet Doda

Gjimnazi "Xhevdet Doda" (Prishtinë)

Hasan Prishtina

Lagja Ulpiana Prishtinë Kosovë

Shkolla fillore "Hasan Prishtina" - Prishtinë


Meto Bajraktari

Lagja Tophane Prishtinë Kosovë

Shkolla fillore "Meto Bajraktari" - Prishtinë


Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=18277546639

English School "Britanica-ELT"

Lagja Ulpiana Prishtinë Kosovë Tel:+381 (0)38 544 653

English School "Britanica-ELT" - Prishtinë


Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=43691609537&v=info&ref=ts

Fakulteti Ekonomik dhe Juridik

Lagja Universitare Prishtnë Kosovë

Fakulteti Ekonomik dhe Juridik - Prishtinë


Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=30899719219&v=info

Fakulteti i Edukimit

Lagja Universitare Prishtinë Kosovë

Fakulteti i Edukimit - Prishtinë


Facebook group:

Liceu Elektroteknik Don Bosko

Lagja Emshir Prishtinë Kosovë Tel: +381 (0)38 603 169

Liceu Elektroteknik Don Bosko - Prishtinë


John Bosco

Mati 1/Pavarsia

Lagja e Spitalit Prishtinë Kosovë

Shkolla fillore Mati 1/Pavarsia - Prishtinë



Lagja Lidhja e Prizrenit Prishtinë Kosovë

Medresja Alaudini - Prishtinë


Naim Frasheri

Lagja Aktash Prishtinë Kosovë

Shkolla fillore "Naim Frasheri" - Prishtinë


Facebook group:!/pages/ShFNaim-Frasheri/293669741038?v=wall&ref=search

Sami Frashëri Gymnasium

Lagja Nazim Gafurri Prishtinë Kosovë

Shkolla e mesme "Sami Frashëri" - Prishtinë


Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=34978771522&v=wall

Selman Riza, Primary School

Sh. f. Faik Konica

Sh.F."Ibrahim Rugova"

Sh.F."Nazim Gafurri"

To be renovated as a green school.

Sh.F.Elena Gjika

Sh.F.Pjeter Bogdani

Sh.f "Dardania"

Sh.f. "Iliria"

To be renovated as a green school

Sh.f. "Ismail Qemajli" To be renovated as a green school.

Shkolla Ekonomike Hoxhe Kadri

Shkolla Teknike "28 Nëntori"

Shkolla e Mesme Green School

The Iliria Primary School is one of four schools in Pristina to be rehabilitated, along with Zejnel Hajdini, Nazmi Gafurri and Ismail Qemali primary schools.

Zejnel Hajdini

To be renovated as a green school.

Asim Vokshi high school

UP Fakullteti Teknik

Xhemajl Mustafa

Training Center


Information Development Initiative

English language schools

there are many language schools, lets add them

Computer schools

there are many computer schools, lets add them