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childcare 2.0 - Key:amenity, Tag:amenity=childcare
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: defonion
Tagging: amenity=childcare
Applies to: node, area, relation
Definition: Describes a place where children of different ages are looked after

Rendered as: icon, name
Draft started: 2013-04-13
RFC start: 2013-04-16
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


This tag describes a place where children are looked after by professionals. Other than the existing tag amenity=kindergarten it provides the ability to distinguish between different kinds of childcare facilities. This is especially useful when searching for places where a child can be looked after other than kindergartens. Examples are nurseries for infants, whom are to young to be taken care of in a kindergarten or after school care where school children can do homework after school until their parents can pick them up.


The main tag for describing childcare facilities should be amenity=childcare. Without any further information this tag solely states the existence of a place where children are looked after and could be seen as a general description. This definition allows to replace the old amenity=kindergarten by a clear lexical description, that emphasises the generality of the tag.

More detailed information about the type of childcare facility can be added by the following tags:

  • min_age=* and max_age=* age_group=*: Children between these ages can be looked after at this facility.
  • after_school=yes/no: This place takes care of children before or after the school day until they could be fetched up by their parents. It involves doing homework and playing. In Germany this is also known as "Hort". This service is mainly offered for children visiting elementary schools.
  • orphanage=yes/no: A longterm childcare facility for looking after orphans.

The usage of those four separated tags allows any combination of childcare services in one facility. This is an advantage as there are a lot of facilities that offer more than one of these services. Their could be a nursery combined with a kindergarten or an after_school_care combined with a kindergarten and a nursery. The childcare facilities in the city of Dresden are a good example for those combinations. The default value for the tags after_school=* and orphanage=* is no. So if no information about this kind of childcare service is known it can be omitted which allows for an efficient mapping process.

Additional Tags

Additional information can be provided by the following tags:

  • opening_hours=*: The time when the facility is open for taking care of children.
  • religion=*: If the childcare facility is run by a religious operator this tag describes the religion under which principles this facility is run.
  • denomination=*: Provides additional information if its a religious childcare facility.
  • pedagogy=*: Information about the educational theory which is applied to teach the children at the childcare facility. Possible values might be "Fröbel", "Montessori", "Freinet" or "Waldorf"
  • operator=*: The name of the operator.
  • operator:type=*: A "public" (City or State),"religious"(Church) or "private" (Company) operator.
  • name=*: The name of the childcare facility.
  • website=*: The website of the childcare facility.


A nursery and after school care facility which is run by a private company and is able to provide care for 100 children will be tagged like this:

Another example for a combined nursery and kindergarten which has different capacities and is run by a Montesori principle:

Applies to

This tag can be applied to nodes, where childcare facilities reside in buildings used for other purposes as well. It can also be used for buildings if the building is solely used for childcare. The usage on relations is also possible if a whole area with different buildings or a playground is mapped.


A place tagged with amenity=childcare should be marked by an icon and the name of the facility. Buildings or areas tagged with this key should have the same coloring scheme as schools.


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