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An educational institution where one studies a foreign language Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: education
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Status: de facto

A [W] Language school is an educational institution where one studies a foreign language.

How to map

Set a node at the center of the school or draw an area along its outline.

Add the tags amenity=language_school and name=*.

Additional tags

Languages taught

  • language:"iso"=main/yes - where "iso" is the 2 or 3 letter code for the language taught at the school, according to ISO-639-Code
    • main - main language taught
    • yes - further languages


A language school in London that primarily teaches German as a foreign language, but also offers instruction in English as an foreign language for immigrants and foreigners:

See also

  • amenity=college - for an institution of "further education" or "continuing education" which may offer foreign language study
  • amenity=university - for an institution of higher education, including departments dedicated to the study of foreign languages
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