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Meeting Minutes November 2, 2009

Present Kate Chapman, Serge Wroclawski, Steven Johnson, Peter Batty, Richard Welty, Thea Clay, Dean Springmeyer, Steve Coast

Agenda: Foundation/Local_Chapters/United_States/Agenda-2-11-2009

Matters Arising

Where To Incorporate

Several callers proposed various locations to incorporate with various benefits to each. AJ will contact his father (an attorney) and will present a report of his findings to the group Peter said he would do the same.

Financial Setup

Callers discussed issues of setting up a budget, getting sponsors, determining member fees, setting up a bank account and other financial activity. Steve Coast(?) will look into these issues and report at the next call.


Callers discussed issues of bringing people into the organization discussion. Serge, as secretary, will publish meeting minutes to us-talk, as well as other appropriate list. At this stage we're aiming to do outreach inside the existing US mapping community until we're further along with the process.

Map Status and Objectives

Callers discussed how to bring in new cities into OSM activities as well as improving the community involvement in existing cities. Kate and Steve Coast will collaborate on a US OSM conference in physical and temporal proximity to an existing US mapping conference.

Topics not on the agenda

Steve Coast will give Serge the template for the minutes.

Discussions on non-profit entities, mission statements, etc. will be done through email.