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Agenda for November 2, 2009


  • Create Chapter Committees/working groups that would suggest solutions for the following:
    • Chapter rules: Draft Rules
    • Incorporation: Choose state for incorporation and how to get it done and financed
    • Financial: Create budget, plan for getting sponsors, suggest member fee, setup bank account, get ready to pack for incorporation, filing for tax exempt status
    • Membership: Plan for getting more members than the current 21
    • Partnership: How can governmental, organizational and corporate partners help us build the US map?
  • Map status and objectives: What is the status of the map and what is our objectives?

Intend to call in

  1. Kate Chapman
  2. Peter Batty (sorry I missed the last call)
  3. Richard Welty
  4. Thea Clay
  5. Charlotte Wolter
  6. Russ Nelson IM me if I forget please: russnelson on gtalk.
  7. User:Nakor will try
  8. Dane Springmeyer

Would like to but are unable

  1. Sarah Manley (I just started a new job and not sure I can duck out for the call. I will try my best for next week.)
  2. Anthony DiPierro Missed it, unfortunately