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GMapCatcher ( ) is a free utility which lets you download maps to your computer for offline viewing. The name implies google maps, but it supports other tile map services including OpenStreetMap


River Ruhr/Germany
  • multiple save to disk options:
    • GMapCatcher's own directory structure (files)
    • OSM like directory structure
    • SQLite3 database
    • ...
  • reducing load on tileservers:

Tile services

listed in the user guide, the application has built in support (or helping people abuse) these OSM servers.

  • "OpenStreetMap" (meaning our main Mapnik tile server)
  • "InformationFreeway" (meaning the OpenStreetMap tiles@home server)

Usage of the app for these would likely be in breach of our Tile Usage Policy

OpenStreetMap renderings are also available via 3rd party tile services:

  • OpenCycleMap - OSM renderings on Andy Allan's server (strictly no downloading!)
  • CloudMade - OSM renderings on CloudMade's server (download limits & tarifs)

In addition to Yahoo, Virtual Earth, and Google Map Maker maps.


Written in Python, and presented as an open source project on google code:

See also JTileDownloader