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The Garmin Foretrex is a series of wrist-mounted GPS devices. They do not support mapping, but can record a tracklog and waypoints.

Foretrex 101/201

Old models, now discontinued, similar specification to the eTrex Yellow or Geko 201.

Uses a serial connection (via Garmin adaptor; a serial to USB adaptor works), can upload/download tracks and waypoints e.g. with GPSBabel or GPS TrackMaker.

The 101 uses 2 AAA batteries, the 201 has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, otherwise they are identical.

Foretrex 301/401

Foretrex 301
Foretrex 401

Uses 2AAA batteries, has a high sensitivity reciever, and can record 10,000 points in the tracklog.

Work as USB Mass Storage devices. The tracklog and waypoints are saved in the file Garmin/GPX/current/Current.gpx

The 401 has an electronic compass and barometric altimeter, and can connect to a Garmin heart rate monitor or cadence sensor. As of firmware version 2.30, the heart rate / cadence data is recorded in the GPX track.