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Garmin nüvi® 205
Garmin nüvi® 205
Description automotive navigator (direction;routing)
GNSS ? channels
chipset: ST Micro Cartesio[1]
augmentation: ?
DOP: no
Memory Internal: 2GB internal (1000 max logging). External: ? microSD™ card.
Host system ? (operating system: ?)
Display QVGA color antiglare TFT with white backlight (320 x 240 pixels)
Integrated equipment nüvi 205, Quick start manual, Vehicle suction cup mount & Vehicle power cable (optional: traffic receiver).
Connectivity usb (USB 1.1)
Batteries rechargeable lithium-ion (4 h lifetime)
Yes check.svg addresses Yes check.svg points of interest
Yes check.svg mass storage mode No-Symbol.svg Waterproof
Price $119.99
Website official link Produktseite

091e:2353 Garmin International Nüvi 205T

General description

City Navigator® NT data is included in nüvi® 205 and nüvi® 205(T). Model nüvi® 205(T) comes with a traffic receiver .

Directory structure

specification despcription
Display QVGA colour TFT (320 x 240 pixels / 7.2 x 5.4 cm / 2.8"W x 2.1"H)
Interface USB 1.1
Slot microSD™ card (16GB vfat tested)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 9,7 x 7,1 x 2,0 cm / 3.9"W x 2.9"H x .8"D
Weight 147,42 g
Battery rechargeable lithium-ion / 4 hours
Backup your device data before proceeding. Don't save OSM-Card on your nüvi if you want to keep your original data.

Linux recognizes the device as a storage drive, so you can add extra pois, voices, pointers and maps by copying them into the correct folders:

microSD™ card
directory structure device/microSD™ (FAT16)
path file(s) description storage location
/Garmin GMAPSUPP.IMG OSM-Card Garmin/SD
/Garmin/GPX *.gpx To enable the hidden GPX track logging menu you'll have to use the Garmin Nüvi Track Hack. Store your geocache's coordinates in this folder. Will be displayed in favorites. Garmin/SD
/Garmin/Poi *.gpi POIs can be stored here. Every booting a window pops up asking to copy poi to internal flash yes or no Garmin/SD
/Garmin/scrn/ *.bmp Screenshots are stored here. Garmin
/Garmin/Vehicle *.srf Store your pointers here. Garmin
/Garmin/Voice *.sum/*.vpm Store Voices in this folder. Garmin


The latest Firmware (nüvi 205 SW Version 7.80 as of September 2, 2015, Audioversion 2.40, GPS-SW-Version 4.10b) can be found on Updates & Downloads. Basemap for US-Version is "WW Autoroute DEM Basemap NR 3.00". Among other changes it adds support for a second map on an SD card.

If you press long (about 6 s) on time a menue with internal information will pop up. Version Information nüvi 205 W P2 V7 2GB, Frequency 16 MHz, some tests could be startet there,

OSM specific notes

basic settings
Menu despcription
Menu page Press the bars which indicate satellite strength (6 s.) to enter the hidden Satellite page.
Satellite page To enter another hidden page GPS SNR Logging press Elevation (6 s.)
Menu Page Press battery icon (6 s.) to open hidden page(s) diagnostic mode.
Tools → Settings → Display → Screen Shot Enable/Disable taking screenshots.
Tools → Settings → Map → Map Info Choose the map you want to use.
Tools → Settings → Map → Vehicle Choose your pointer.
Tools → Settings → Map → Trip Log Enable/Disable Trip Log.
Tools → Settings → Map → Map Info Choose the map you want to use.
Tools → Settings → Navigation → Route Preference Choose Off Road for tracking.
Tools → Where Am I Opens hidden page Logging Control - further details: Garmin Nüvi Track Hack

trip computer

Hidden menus

Error messages

When viewing your map touch the Speed field to view the trip computer. Press for about 20 s. the marked field you can find in the screenshot.

A new menu will open showing all errors .


Press the bars which indicate satellites strength for a while. The status screen opens and shows details on your current position.

GPX track logging menu

Logging control

To get to the hidden GPX track logging menu just go to the Where Am I screen (by tapping on the vehicle symbol in map view mode or selecting "Where Am I" in tools menu). Then tap on the words "Nearest", "Address" and "Junction" in the following order:

  • "Nearest" in "Nearest Junction" or "Nearest Intersection"
  • "Nearest" in "Nearest Address"
  • "Address" in "Nearest Address"
  • "Junction" in "Nearest Junction" or "Nearest Intersection"

Recording only works if your nüvi has acquired satellite signals - otherwise "Start Recording" is without function. You can stop recording by pushing the new button "Stop" on your map.


Pressing battery status for a while opens a menu where you can get further informations of your device and perform several tests.


Address search

Bad search results are often caused by missing mkgmap options. It can be solved by converting maps.