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Garmin produced a smartphone series with GPS navigation in cooperation with ASUS under the brand Garminasus.[1] The joint venture was terminated in late 2010. Those devices already released to the market will be continued to be sold and supported.[2] ASUS continues to produce at least the A50 device of the series under its own brand. Is is unlikely that the ASUS branded version will be available in North America and Western Europe, as Garmin has exclusive distribution rights in these regions.

The smartphones show the usual features of those devices. They can connect via Wifi and 3G, browse the web and use services like Google Maps. As a GPS device they support in-car navigation with spoken turn advices as well as a pedestrian mode.

Advertised as special feature for those smartphone-GPS-hybrids are things like finding addresses from the phonebook or from websites.

The internal memory can be extended with SD-cards.

  • available
    • nuvifone G60 (Linux)
    • nuvifone M10 (Windows Mobile)
    • nuvifone A10 (Android)
    • nuvifone A50 aka GARMINfone aka ASUS A50 (Android)

Use of OSM Data

Nuvifone M10

Nuvifone M10 can work with OSM maps and can log traces for OSM.

Nuvifone A50

Nuvifone A50works with OSM data contained in / converted to Garmin image file format

Method 1

  • Connect A50 to PC in File Transfer Mode.
    • Remark:In File Transfer Mode the internal storage and the SD-Card are mounted as drives to PC. They aren't accessible on the A50. Garmin and other services using them aren't available.
  • Create a folder Map in the internal storage or on the SD-Card of the A50:
    • on Linux ./Map
    • on Windows \Map
    • on the A50 they show up as /storage/Map/ and /sdcard/Map/.
  • Download a pre-built gmapsupp.img file.
  • Place it in the folder Map.
  • Multiple maps can be used by naming the files ***.img. The name doesn't matter.
  • Per default all maps in both folders are selected and displayed.
  • Maps can be (de-)activated in the A50 Setup Menue>Navigation>[press Menue Button]>Map Info.

Method 2

Method 3? (not tested)

Use Qlandkarte GT