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Garmin zūmo 550

General information

The Garmin zūmo series has been developed for use on motorcycles. They are battery operated and specially configured to be operated with the left hand. The housings are Ipx7 waterproof, fuel resistant, and vibration proof.


  • zūmo 210
  • zūmo 220
  • zūmo 400 [1]
  • zūmo 450 [2]
  • zūmo 500 [3]
  • zūmo 510
  • zūmo 550 [4]
  • zūmo 660 [5]
  • zūmo 665

zūmo 550

Track logging available.

  • Battery life supposedly 4 hours, verified by test.
  • Can use map files from an SD-card.
  • Altitude information

If connected to a Windows, Linux or OS X computer, the zūmo 550 is shown as an USB mass storage device, the GPX file is located in folder Garmin\GPX\.

Good Things

  • Big space for tracklogs
  • tracklogs are also archived in ~1MB files
  • Track marks can be saved with Name
  • Waterproof

Bad Things

mkgmap maps

zūmo 660

Good Things

  • Big space for maps and logs + SD card up to 8GB
  • Up to 30s cold start
  • Not saved logs are archived
  • High quality trip logs (accuracy > 3m), more points on turns and less on straight ways

Bad Things

  • Not easy to manage trip logs


Tested with r1625

  • Routing works very well
  • Works with charsets windows-1251(Cyrilic) & windows-1257(Baltic)
  • Works with lower case
  • Speed limit does not work