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Note, these notes have been merged into Main GeoBase import page

GeoBase Import, step by step process (Linux).


Create a file with a WKT for the chosen tile. E.g. 092g07.txt:

POLYGON((-122.5 49.25,-123 49.25,-123 49.5,-122.5 49.5,-122.5 49.25))

Create a postgresql database

This page uses "gis" for database name.

Add spatial references:

psql gis < /usr/share/postgresql-8.3-postgis/spatial_ref_sys.sql

Get osm2pgsql

Download GeoBase NRN data as both GML and SHP from GeoBase

Use JOSM to download desired area of interest (make sure it includes the chosen NTS tile, e.g. josm --download=49.25,-123,49.5,-122.5). Save as .osm, e.g. 092g07.osm.

Load osm into postgis ("gis" database):

cp /path/to/osm2pgsql/ .
osm2pgsql -l -d gis 092g07.osm

Load GeoBase NRN shapefile into postgis. Example for BC:

shp2pgsql -s 4326 NRN_BC_6_0_ROADSEG nrn_roadseg |psql -d gis -f - >import.out 2>&1

Define functions that are described in Creating OSM and NRN Shapefiles with PostGIS (one can just pipe the definitions to psql -d gis).

Export NRN and OSM data for the tile as shapefile:

pgsql2shp -f OSM.shp gis "select * FROM select_osm_roadtile('SRID=4326;POLYGON((-122.5 49.25,-123 49.25,-123 49.5,-122.5 49.5,-122.5 49.25))')"
pgsql2shp -f NRN.shp gis "select * FROM select_nrn_roadtile('SRID=4326;POLYGON((-122.5 49.25,-123 49.25,-123 49.5,-122.5 49.5,-122.5 49.25))')"

Load shapes in RoadMatcher. If there are errors in OSM geometry that prevent RoadMatcher from working, fix those in JOSM, upload and repeat osm import. It may take a couple iterations to fix the errors.

Run geobase2osm, e.g. -o out.osm -b 092g07.txt -e Result.jml -i NRN_BC_6_0_GEOM.gml

It's a good idea to look at the resulting .standalone.osm file in JOSM before uploading.

Finally, use to upload resulting data: -i out.osm.standalone.osm -u username -p password -c 'geobase nrn import'

Expect to be fixing a lot of topology errors where OSM and NRN datasets meet after the import.