Geodetska uprava Republike Slovenije

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GURS is the Slovenia's official geodetic authority under Ministry of the Environment and spatial planning. Generally, it's Geodetic data (Public information of the Republic of Slovenia) is available under Creative Commons 2.5 attribution (CC-BY) license. GURS kindly & explicitly permitted (email response copy pasted in the OSM forum thread) the OpenStreetMap community to import all those datasets into OpenStreetMap database, from where they can be further distributed without such limitations, under OpenStreetMap License. Wherever possible (depending on media) the attribution should be "Javne informacije Slovenije, Geodetska uprava Republike Slovenije, {dataset name}, stanje {dataset year}" with a link to:

Data sets

Data is tagged with these tags:

  • Specific per data set:

Country border

Državna meja Republike Slovenije -

got permission for import, 45k nodes, 1 way, imported, being reviewed

All parts of the border are grouped as members of relation Relation 218657 (iD, JOSM, Potlatch2, history, analyze, manage, GPX, XML)

Občine (Communes)

Already imported, along with statistical regions - see WikiProject_Slovenia/Regije

House numbers

Source being evaluated, import in planning phase, see Slovenia_Address_Import.

Building outlines

Slippy map: is available as a imagery underlay in JOSM.

Available at

Some are already imported into OSM by user System-users-3.svgfredi_alf (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap)


Not good enough for importing into OSM (low coverage, topological problems) but can be used as a reference in some places.

Available at

Slippy map available in JOSM - is available as a imagery underlay in JOSM.

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