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 GlobalLogic is an outsourcing company. They have done OSM editing for Grab and Apple, which has attracted controversy for data quality,[1][2] and an attempt to influence the 2018 Foundation AGM.

OpenStreetMap Foundation 2018 election

During the 2018 board elections of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, a significant and unusual spike in signups was observed. More than 100 individuals registered from the same IP address within a few hours on 15 November 2018. The signups were flagged immediately as suspicious but were not rejected by the OSMF board, as these signups were not able to vote for the 2018 elections because made after the deadline.

In early December 2018, a manager in GlobalLogic wrote to the local mailing list, claiming the sign ups were voluntary.[3]

After weeks of investigation, in late December 2018, the OpenStreetMap Membership Working Group released a public report [4] proving that this was an orchestrated, directed campaign by GlobalLogic to register their employees en masse. The company was not being truthful to the board or to the public about this incident, and it is considered to be a possible failed attempt to influence the OpenStreetMap board election.

In February 2019, GlobalLogic had communicated with the board offering to withdraw the memberships, which the board accepted.[5]


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