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The student projects that have been accepted to take part in the year 2015 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) are listed below, along with the OSM (main) mentor assigned to the student.

The names (mentors and students) are linked to the wiki user pages, the title is linked to a more detailed project description. The documentation column will be filled by the students where the project progress can be found.

Student Name Mentor Name Project Title GSOC Documentation of Project Progress
Mateusz Konieczny ([1]) Pnorman ([2]) Redesign and reimplement road presentation in Default OSM map style [3] /Road style in Default OSM map style
Michael Zangl ([4]) Paul Hartmann ([5]) JOSM: OpenGL data view [6] [7]
Shrey Bagroy Emacsen ([8]) Moderation Queue for [9] [10]
Jorge López ([11]) Polyglot ([12]) Mapillary plugin for JOSM [13] [14]
Sebastian Vetter [15] Peda ([16]) Improving the OSM2world GUI [17] OSM2World/Shader
Sukant Garg [18] Tordanik ([19]) A WebGL frontend for OSM2World [20] /WebGL_frontend_for_OSM2World
Vadim Varnavsky Dmitry Kiselev JOSM raster layers filters [21]
Arian Valdez (Secretmapper) Martin Raifer ([22]) Learning Platform for Overpass API [23]