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Ich bin in Erftstadt (NRW) und in Greifswald (MV) und Umgebung unterwegs. Zum loggen benutze ich ein AMOD AGL3080.


Quality Assurance

Monitoring tools

List of OSM based Services

Nik2Img - Mapnik tool

history renderer tutorial

deep history service

Lawn (OSM Javascript editor)

Name Link Description Author License
OSM History Viewer Visualizes changesets and history AGPL 3+
OSM Restriction Analyser Visualizes turn restrictions on a map. Langläufer
OpenLinkMap Visualizes links on a map. Supported keys: wikipedia=*, website=*, phone=*, ... Alexander Matheisen GPL-v3

zoom to Bremen

Visualizes man_made=surveillance and surveillance=* tags on a map. Johannes Böck
User blocks Shows a list of users that have been temporarily or permanently blocked
Query-to-map A script to show the results of a XAPI query on a map. Kolossos

zoom to Stockholm

Collaborative, open alternative to Google Street View. John McKerrell source available; unknown license Add bogus datestamp to gpx file created by qlandkarte without time info. Kenneth Gonsalves BSD
OSM India India specific Mapnic style
Make your own Map Arts Fun site to create a mosaic from map tiles
OSM History Viewer Visualise the changes in a single changeset and analyse the history of a relation. Candid Dauth AGPL-v3

Germany related

Name Link Description Author License
Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland - Suchen im Gemeindeverzeichnis link Query data on German municipalities.
_sightwalk Google Street View competitor covering some German cities. Uses osm data and allows to derive POIs and other information for osm from the images.[1] panogate GmbH -

Related to License change


Use OSM API with wget

  • Open a changeset:
wget --http-user=USERNAME --http-password='PASSWORD' -S -O- --header "X_HTTP_METHOD_OVERRIDE: PUT" --post-data='<osm><changeset><tag k="created_by" v="wget"/><tag k="comment" v="CHANGESET_COMMENT"/></changeset></osm>' '' | tee wget-output.log
  • List your open changesets:
wget --http-user=USERNAME --http-password='PASSWORD' -S -O- '' | tee wget-output.log
  • Upload a diff:
wget --http-user=USERNAME --http-password='PASSWORD' -S -O- --post-file DIFF_FILE '' | tee wget-output.log