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  • Bugfix: name search panel working again
  • new map provider: Hike&BikeMap and OpenTopoMap
  • Track filter in explorer tree
  • Bugfix: zero byte config file on exit

0.63.34 - 2019-12-07



  • Supports Java 8,9,10,11,12
  • map display: OpenCycleMap removed for licensing issues
  • BING working without initial error

0.63.31 - 2019-06-30

  • map display: bugfix for Mapnik tile server


  • Waypoints showing in Explorer Tree
  • additional FIT properties showing in properties panel (by Karsten Ensinger)
  • non-intrusive log window (menu button next to toolbar button)


Java JRE 1.7.0 (Java7) required

  • OpenCycleMap updated ("API Key required" no longer showing)
  • OpenTransportMap added
  • support for FIT .fit file format on loading (thanks to karsten ensinger)
  • waypoint extensions tree in properties panel
  • removed dependency on custom JFreeChart lib, using standard JFreechart-1.0.17 instead
  • undo of track seg split fixed


  • New dialog for errors & warnings on file transfers
  • GPX properties table: GPX extensions shown as hierarchy (tree)
  • Discontinued MapQuest tile sources removed
  • GPX tree data structure rewritten (for future extensions)


  • User configurable online tile sources
  • Full support for GPX extensions on load & save
  • support for TCX format (loading) by Karsten Ensinger
  • Improved usability of Gpsies & OSM download dialogs (background execution, queuing, status)
  • Database dialog query performance & usability improved
  • code for loading / writing / downloading files & tracks restructured & rewritten (Filehub)


Undo functionality for most functions


Bugfix: Slippy map performance issue


  • New pathfinding user controls
  • New route provider: GraphHopper (online)
  • Pathfinding / Routefinding code rewritten
  • Bugfix: NameSearch panel: button visibility on empty selection


  • right-click on GPXFile in tree to add route
  • progress labels & directional arrows also for routes


The Heatwave Release

  • new timeshift dialog with functions to alter track times
  • toolbar cleaned up
  • internal code restructured (cleaning & timeshift dialog, progress widget)
  • bugfix: progress labels NullPointerException on empty track


  • Elevation correction fixed


intermediate release due to expected longer hibernation period

  • route rendered on map as dashed line
  • right click on GPX Tree node opens popup menu
  • convert route to track and vice versa
  • download dialogs: sortable columns
  • DB dialog: ask for confirmation
  • white menubar background
  • numerical GPS waypoint values (HDOP,PDOP, ...) selectable for chart axis
  • bugfix: do not paint arrows for invisible tracks
  • bugfix: rise/fall time doubled on track color change

known issue: elevation correction not working due to MapQuest key issue


  • basic database support (store GPS files in relational database)
  • loader for NMEA files
  • loader for CPO files
  • Measure distance: direct line between measure points
  • http proxy support
  • icons for dialog windows
  • bugfix: gross rise/gross fall values multiplied on update
  • map painter code rewritten to allow more flexibility
  • improved calculation of directional arrows angle
  • various bugfixes


  • Search places by name
  • ImageViewer: prev/next button for browsing through images
  • Measure distance between multiple waypoints (results in table)
  • various bugfixes


  • support for IGC format (written by glider flight recorders)
  • Scalebar on map (on/off in config)
  • Unit system NAUTICAL fully supported (set in config)
  • Numerical values from waypoint extensions now selectable for chart Y-Axis


  • ColorChooser with configurable color palette
  • Faster startup of chart
  • Countdown bar on volatile message panels
  • Improved KML support


  • Code consolidation: substantial code parts rewritten to allow better handling of current and future functionality
  • Trackslider (beta)
  • Many functions now work for multiple track segments instead of just a single segment (i.e. distance measuring, track cleaning)
  • consolidated GpsMaster specific extensions in GPX files, XML namespace "gpsm:"
  • finally all GPX waypoint attributes supported


minor release before major internal changes

  • Chart: two new x-axes (time, duration) with selector
  • Wikipedia & photo waypoints properly loaded from GPX file again
  • Bugfix: Deletion of track/segment no longer doubles duration


  • New cleaning algorithm: Cloudbuster
  • Interactive chart: mouse over chart highlights corresponding waypoint and vice versa
  • Chart is "floatable": open in separate window or attach underneath map panel via mouseclick
  • 2 new activitiy icons: paragliding & windsurfing
  • Sort tracks by time after loading


  • 3 different cleaning algorithms to remove "obsolete" trackpoints
  • Measure Distance: also display average speed
  • Add waypoints via click on map
  • Click on waypoints containing URLs opens browser


  • Upload tracks to
  • Measure markers now clickable
  • drag&drop files on map to load
  • read, display and save links contained in GPX files


  • New download toolbar
  • Proper OSM relation download dialog
  • Download tracks from
  • Download nearby Wikipedia articles
  • Viewer for geotagged images


  • bugfix: MeasureButton disabled on track with more than 1 segment
  • bugfix: activity handling in properties edit dialog
  • 2 new activity icons (motorcycle, planned route)
  • relation download from OSM (via Overpass_API): relation members are "cleaned", ordered and joined into GPX tracks & segments

(download dialog and progress information in one of the next releases)


  • load geotagged images
  • improved rendering of markers on map
  • Toolbar populated
  • Toolbar/remove all timestamps
  • config: default file extension for file open dialog
  • bugfixes


  • Activities: save activity type in GPX file, pick & display activity icon
  • Toggle-able toolbar on the left side
  • Config file documentation added


  • bugfix: "orange fullscreen" on first startup removed
  • minor toolbar icon update


  • improved progress label spacing
  • directional arrows: added parallel arrow, menubar toggle button
  • merge dialog, 3 ways of merging tracks
  • performance improvement: track & trackpoint painting
  • RAL signal/traffic color palette for track colors
  • bugfix: no progress labels for invisible segments


  • directional arrow on track (hardcoded)
  • MessageCenter bugfixes
  • internal: List<GPXFile> lock for concurrency issues
  • bugfix: progress label box size