Hack Weekend Essen June 2011

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This is a past event which took place June 10th-12th 2011

What we did

  • Martijn van Exel created a visualization of OpenStreetMap versions in contour lines. Blog post on the way.

The Basics

  • June 10-12 2011
  • Friday evening (18oo-19oo) - Sunday midday
  • Everyone participates actively
  • Location: Linuxhotel (Linuxhotel) in Essen Germany. (map)
  • Planning and co-ordination by mvexel
  • Many thanks to our sponsor OpenThesaurus who covered all the costs.


  • Full History Database and API.
    • I will want to work database stuff: which database platform, db schema Martijn van Exel
  • Diff publish/subscribe in XMPP --Skinkie 18:05, 1 June 2011 (BST)
  • Osmium
    • add tool for conversion of tag combination to human readable text and back (multiple languages, support several possible interpretations, preferred interpretation)
  • MetaWriter tiles for icons rendered on osm.org
  • OSMembrane
  • Your topic here


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