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A report about the Elbe-Labe-Meeting 2016 was published in Czech and in German.

The "Elbe-Labe-Meeting" is an OpenStreetMap community event and will take place in October, 7-9th 2016 in Dresden (Germany). We intend to bring together OpenStreetMap enthusiasts from the Czech Republic, Germany, and beyond. You map, use OpenStreetMap data, or contribute in another way to the project? You are very welcome!

We aim to foster exchange between various communities, and in particular between communities of different languages: We all face similar challenges; however, we often do not know how these challenges are addressed in different countries and communities. Why not learn from each other?

Our meeting will enable 20-30 people to discuss and exchange views on various OpenStreetMap topics. Participants can contribute and shape our program that will comprise talks and workshops. The language spoken at the meeting will be English. The meeting is organized by the Dresden OpenStreetMap community.


In Dresden (Germany). We provide a map which you can bookmark and which shows all important points of interest with respect to our meeting.


riesa efau is local cultural centre that is well known in Dresden for bringing together art education, civil engagement, and social commitment.

riesa efau, room "Dachsaal" (top floor of the building)
Wachsbleichstraße 4a
Dresden, Germany

Our room is equipped with chairs, tables (e.g. for workshops), internet access (wifi), a projector, and a screen (for talks). There is a small kitchen (but without any oven; we will provide (light) food for lunch). The room is handicapped-accessible.

How to get to the venue:

  • Tram stop: "Bahnhof Mitte" ("Bf Mitte"), served by trams 1, 2, 6, and 10.
  • Local trains: station "Bahnhof Mitte" ("Bf Mitte"), served by local trains S1 and S2.

How to get to Dresden

You can reach Dresden by

  • train. Dresden's main stations are "Dresden Hauptbahnhof" and "Dresden Neustadt". Trains connect Dresden with Prague, Wrocław, Berlin, and Leipzig, to name just a few cities.
  • airplane. The city's airport "Dresden airport" (IATA code: DRS) is located in the north of the city. The public transportation system is fast and carries passengers every half an hour from the airport to the city center (and vice versa). The train "S2" is part of the public transportation system. A trip costs 2,30 EUR.
  • long-distance bus. Bus stops are located next to the main train station ("Dresden Hauptbahnhof") as well as next to the train station "Dresden Neustadt".
  • car. Highways A4, A13, and A17 all connect Dresden with the rest of the country (see this map for an overview).

How to get around

Dresden's public transportation system is fast and recommendable. Single tickets cost 2,30 EUR. For trips within the city's boundaries, tickets for 1 fare zone are valid. 4-trip tickets (see this overview of different ticket options) can save you money. This OSM-based map shows tram lines (blue), local buses (red), and local trains (orange). Many people use the Android App Öffi to navigate the public transportation system (also available in the play store).

We recommend you have a look at our customized map which shows the venue as well as other points of interest related to our meeting.


The meeting will take place on the weekend October 8./9. If you have already arrived in Dresden, join us on Friday (7.) evening for food and drinks.

How much does it cost?

Thanks to the sponsoring from FOSSGIS, the meeting will be free of charge for participants. Depending on how much the lunch and coffee break will cost us, we might ask for a small voluntary contribution. In the restaurant/pub in the evenings, everybody has to pay for themselves.


Friday, October 7th (evening)

6 pm: A get-together on Friday evening (October 7th) in the Schießhaus. We are excited to get to know you and all the other participants. Just join us as soon as you arrive in Dresden. :-) Our map marks the restaurant where we will meet.

Saturday-Sunday, October 8th-9th

You can shape parts of the program. :-) You would like to spread an idea, communicate your project, or spur a discussion? Great! Propose your talk, discussion, or workshop on the Talk page of our meeting.

Time Saturday (Oct. 8th) Sunday (Oct. 9th)
10 am
12 pm

Hiking routes

OpenStreetMap is popular with outdoor enthusiasts and one early use of OSM was for hiking. Hiking routes all around the world have been mapped and there are several specialist maps showing those routes. In this session we'll have two talks, one by Sarah Hoffmann who created and maintaines the waymarkedtrails website and one by Miroslav Suchý about the efforts of the Czech community mapping hiking trails - mapping more than 40000 km of tracks and 3000 guideposts. In the following discussion moderated by Jan Marsch, we'll look at what's similar between hiking routes in different maps and different countries and regions and what's different. This discussion should also give us some insights into the wider question of how specific local and more general global mapping fit together in OSM.

Sarah's presentation: http://osm.lonvia.de/presentations/2016-waymarkedtrails.pdf

Suchý's presentation: http://miroslav.suchy.cz/presentations/2016-OSM-LabeElbe/

Maps and Traval

This block started with a talk by Roland Unger about Wikivoyage and how it uses OSM and other map data.

12 pm
1.30 pm
lunch (*) lunch (*)
1.30 pm
3.30 pm


OpenStreetMap can not only be used to create colorful maps, it is also a great source for navigation data. We'll explore this topic with two talks: Frank, who is visually impaired, tells us about his experiences using OSM to orient himself outdoors. And Daniel, one of the OSRM developers, tells us how OSM tags are transformed into navigation instructions. In the following discussion moderated by Stephan we'll examine OSM tagging for navigation and how the different use cases can be accommodated in OSM.

Daniel's presentation: File:2016-elbe-labe-meeting-osrm.pdf

Open space

Groups and discussions:

  • Vector tiles and appropriate tool chains.
  • Rendering of hiking routes and public transportation information.
  • JOSM plugin development
  • Routing issues related to alternating oneway directions.
  • Kartographer plugin for Mediawiki.
3.30 pm
4 pm
coffee break (*) Concluding remarks, coffee break (*)
4 pm
6 pm
Lightning talks:
  1. Mapsonshirts.com
  2. Visual editor for roof shapes (https://edit.osmbuildings.org)
  3. MTBmap.cz: The mountain bike map from the Czech OSM community.
  4. Inference of roof shapes via deep learning
  5. Taginfo shows shows tags used by data consumers.

Discussion groups:

  • Oneways with alternating directions: Routing in OSRM and tagging issues (Alternating vs reversible).
  • Offroad routing (e.g. for Quads) Contact: mail@osmbuildings.org, krakonos@krakonos.org
  • LIDAR and 3D data acquisition for OpenStreetMap
  • Guide posts and hiking trails: Which visualization strategy to follow?
Social event: Exploring Dresden (**)
7 pm
get-together in a restaurant get-together in a pub

(*) will be provided by the organizers.

(**) Those who do not need to leave early are very welcome to explore with us the historic city center of Dresden! :-)

How to sign up for participation

We are very happy that you are interested in joining our meeting! Let's create an inspiring meeting together. Fill in your details in the table below to apply.

By the way: You can shape parts of the program! You would like to spread an idea, communicate your project, or spur a discussion? Great! Propose your talk, discussion, or workshop on the Talk page of our meeting.

T-shirt: If you want to own the official "Elbe-Labe-Meeting" T-shirt (and we hope you do), please fill in your details in the column "T-shirt" in the table below. T-shirts cost 15 Euros each (we will collect the money at the meeting). Please specify the number of T-shirts you need as well the desired size and style (male/female), e.g. "1 M (male)" (one T-shirt of size M (male)). Due to production procedures, we need your information till September 14th. Leave the column blank in case you don't want any T-shirt.

Note: Please understand that there is an upper limit with respect to the number of people who can participate. Thus we would love you to consider your application to be as binding as possible. Please make sure that your user name is linked to your user profile and that your profile has a working email address. Although we do not intend to contact you, we might need to reach out to you before the meeting. In addition, please check this wiki page for updates in program and informations.

We are happy to see you in Dresden!

# Participant Attending Friday evening get-together (Oct. 7th) Attending Sunday afternoon/evening program (Oct. 9th) Arriving from Topics you are interested in Remarks T-shirt
1 Jochen Topf yes yes Dresden, DE Taginfo, Osmium, Vector tiles XL (male)
2 Lars Lingner yes yes Berlin, DE rendering and printing OSM maps L (male)
3 Stephan yes yes Dresden, DE 1 M (male)
4 Miroslav Suchý no yes Brno, CZ way marked trails mapping XL (male)
5 Jan Marsch no no Berlin, DE Building tags, unpaved roads (highway=track) mail@osmbuildings.org L (male)
6 Tim perhaps yes Dresden, DE Wikipedia-maps, Lidar XL (male)
7 Ladislav Láska no perhaps Prague, CZ Hiking trails email:krakonos@krakonos.org XL (male)
8 Alex yes perhaps Dresden, DE 3D-Mapping, Way marked trails, Public transport 1 XXL (male)
9 ubahnverleih yes yes Dresden, DE 1 M (male)
10 Badabuga yes perhaps Dresden, DE email:Badabuga@gmx.de
11 Martin Tesař yes perhaps Brno, CZ Rendering maps, Vector tiles, Frontend stuff 1 S (male)
12 nitpilot yes yes Dresden, DE House numbers nitpilot@arcor.de 1 XXL (male)
13 Sarah Hoffmann yes yes Dresden, DE Hiking maps M (female)
14 Hufkratzer no perhaps Dresden, DE route=horse
15 Daniel Hofmann yes no Berlin, DE OSRM only Fri/Sat M (male)
16 RolandUnger yes ... Halle (Saale), DE Map services in travel guides like Wikivoyage ... 1 L (male)
17 Dalibor Jelínek no perhaps Prague, CZ Wiki ... 1 XXL (male)
18 Holger yes perhaps Dresden, DE photo mapping, dragonboat
19 Colin Marquardt yes perhaps Dresden, DE Hiking maps
20 Rob Tranquillo perhaps perhaps Dresden, DE OpenData
# attendee user name yes/no yes/no ... note down your interests here if any, your remarks go here optional: quantity and size


Please note that you will need to organize your accommodation on your own. Dresden has plenty of hotels in the city center. Below we list cheap hotels and hostels; and some are close to the meeting site. You may want to have a look at our map that shows all important points of interest with respect to our meeting. Feel free to check and compare hotel prizes using search engines of your choice (e.g. trivago.com) and note that hostel prizes are not necessarily cheaper than hotel prizes.



You might also want to check out a hotel and hostel map that was created by one of the Dresden OpenStreetMap enthusiasts. :-)

Lodging Tax

Please note that hotels and hostels need to charge a lodging tax (1 to 7 EUR/night) which is raised by the city of Dresden. All participants of age 18+ will need to pay it. English information are available here. If you are on a business travel, you can fill out a form (employee, self employed) for tax exception (for more details, see this website).


Feel free to contact us on the Talk page of the Elbe-Labe Meeting. You can also talk to us on the Dresden mailing list or come to our "Stammtisch" if you are in Dresden.

Elbe-Labe-Meeting 2016 Group.JPG

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