Hardware for OSM-Routing

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This page lists dedicated hardware for navigation purposes which can be used with data from OSM. For OSM on smartphones, see iOS, Android or similar.

  • Garmin : Nearly all devices produced by Garmin with enough memory should work with OSM data. A list with details can be found here.
Name Display Internal Memory Expandable Memory Waterproof Details Power Source Map Data Onboard Routing Links
Outdoor Navigationssystem MEDION® GoPal® S3857 3", 240x400, color, transflective 8 GB (mass storage, ActiveSync) no IPX7 SiRF III, Barometric altimeter, 3-axis compass, USB 2.0 rechargeable built in battery, USB Germany: OSM vector; topographic raster map (1:100.000). Further maps downloadable using software Medion GoPal Assistent. OSM maps are free, topographic raster maps DACH, FR (1:25.000) quite expensive. yes producers page (de), Test by OSMblog.de (de), test by navigation professionell (de)
Outdoor Navigationssystem MEDION® GoPal® S3867 3", 240x400, 65.536 color, transflective 8 GB yes IPX7 SIRF III, Barometric altimeter, 3-axis compass, 533MHz Samsung CPU, 128 MB RAM, Windows CE 5.0, USB 2.0 2 AA batteries OSM: Europe (vektor), Topo for Germany and Austria 1:100.000 (bitmap) yes producers page (german)
TEASI one (by a-rival) 320x480, 8,12 cm (3,2"), transflective 4 GB internal no IPX5 (splash proof) CPU SiRF Atlas V, 664 MHz, 128 MB RAM, OS Microsoft Windows CE .Net 6.0 Core internal Li-Poly battery, 1550 mAh, 10-12h runtime eastern and western europe, free updates yes producer's site (german)
TwoNav Delta (by CompeGPS, hardware by Holux) 480x272 4,3", 65.000 colors, transmissive 4GB (mass storage) yes, up to 8GB IP57 SiRF Atlas IV 500MHz, ARM11, 128 MB flash memory, 64 RAM, BlueTooth, NMEA-connector, OS Windows CE USB; Li-Ion battery 1050 mAh (Nokia BL-5CA sized), 3h (10h with display off) bundled maps depend on bundle purchased, OSM maps can be created by the user yes producer's site (german)
TwoNav Sportiva (by CompeGPS) 240x400, 3", 65.000 colors, transflective 2GB (mass storage) yes, up to 32GB IPx6 SiRF III, 400MHz CPU, Window CE, 3-axis electronic compass, barometric altimeter Li-Ion battery 1050 mAh, runime 4-5h (10h with display off) topo maps depend on bundle purchased, OSM vector map of Europe yes producer's site (german)
Xplova G3 GPS Bike Computer 2,2", color 2 GB, works as mass storage no IPX7 Barometric altimeter, 3-axis compass, temperature, USB 2.0, ANT Rechargeable replaceable proprietary battery Made available by vendor for whole world, is said to be updated quarterly. Needs Map Manager software (see tech data) running under Windows. no, got to use prepared tracks tech data, description (de), test by navigation professionell (de)