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What kind of vehicles can practically pass a road Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: restrictions
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Status: undefined

Proposed way of tagging the practicability of a road. It is often a needed value in humanitarian work to need to know which kind of vehicles can pass a road.

Idea is to create an extra preset similar to access or restrictions to define this in needed situations.

The tagging scheme of this is proposed to mirror the access=* scheme.

For non-motorized you would tag 4wd and motorcycle as "no"


Should these vehicles be rethought? Simplified? Should motorcar be defined as 4wd?

Suggested Values

  • *=yes (this should be avoided. This value should be implicit as yes if not defined or be deduce by highway=* classification)
  • *=no (To define if road is not passable by certain vehicles if not implicit in other information)
  • *=seasonal (Defines a road is only passable by a certain vehicle seasonally. Consider alternately value=summer or winter)
  • *=limited (Not seasonal but may vary dependent on daily rains and sporadic road grooming)