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The aim of this page[1] is to gather ideas and to follow the development of a wizard for a quick deployment of pages, templates, categories... in Crisis Mapping Projects[2].

The starting point of the project is the WikiProject Haiti.

Abbreviations used in this page :

Humanitarian OSM Team, used in the common project. A generic navigation bar should be named Template:HOT/Navigation.
Crisis Mappiing Project, used as generic name. In the final project, the CMP abbreviation used in the names of pages should be changed to the name of the project, e.g. CMP/Imagery and data sources would become WikiProject Haiti/Imagery and data sources

Structure of a Crisis Mapping Project

Content pages

upper case first letter subpages

  • CMP main page
  • CMP/Imagery

Other pages

lower case first letter subpages

  • CMP/params slash separated list of params : name/lat/lon/zoom/minlat/minlon/maxlat/maxlon... The params can be acceded with the {{#titlepart}} function or with dedicated templates (for WikiProject France, name: France, lat: 47.14, lon: 3.21).

Structure of content pages

The content pages could have a chapô, that is a introducing paragraph that could be displayed in the main page sections using the <onlyinclude /> tag.


page type editIntro page preload page check link
CMP main CMP/editIntro CMP/preload [1]
CMP/params params CMP/params/editIntro CMP/params/preload [2]
CMP/Imagery content CMP/Imagery/editIntro CMP/Imagery/preload [3]
Template:CMP_Navigation template CMP/Template:CMP_Navigation/editIntro CMP/Template:CMP_Navigation [4]

Templates, Categories, Contents



  • CMP
  • CMP/Pools
  • CMP/Imagery
  • CMP/Volunteers

Best practices

  • editIntro and preload pages should have they names starting with HOT



  1. The talk page is dedicated to discussion of the content of this page.
  2. See Humanitarian_OSM_Team/Haiti_Strategy_And_Proposal#Social_Processes