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Minutes of meeting of the Training Working Group of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Meeting commenced at 18:00 UTC Monday 6th August 2018 using the Mumble server, but IRC monitored.


Geoffrey Kateregga, Michael Heißmeier, Ralph Aytoun & Russell Deffner


Trello board for Agenda <>

Agenda for Advanced JOSM Webinar

We exclusively discussed our agenda for an advanced JOSM webinar. After consulting the current webinar schedule we decided that this webinar could take place early in October or early in November. We would not put particular emphasis to validation as there has already been a webinar on this topic.

Here are some key points from our discussion (in the order as they appear in the agenda):

  • Imagery Alignment: We need to be careful re-aligning the imagery e.g. to GPS traces because re-aligning existing features might turn into a nightmare. In this context the imagery offset database should be mentioned (TODO: find out whether it is applicable to imagery other than Bing)
  • To-do-list plugin: not only useful for validations but also for import tasks. Grab items from an external source (e.g. spreadsheet), add them to a temporary layer and work through them using this plugin
  • Conflict resolution: is best explained using slides because generating a nice and useful conflict in real time might not be easy. Michael will prepare a few slides on this topic.
  • Relations: we will probably only talk about multipolygons and maybe briefly mention boundary relations. Geoffrey added that he could supply some experiences from Uganda. In this context it might be worth mentioning that users should exercise caution when dealing with any items tagged 'natural=coastline' because the coastline tends to be broken more often than not.
  • OSM Notes are less frequently used in humanitarian context but nevertheless a widely used tool. As their integration to JOSM is no longer a plugin but a core functionality we should mention it here.
  • Russell mentioned that GeoChat should be added as it is used at mapping parties.

Other business

Minutes of previous meeting


Date of Next Meeting

20th August 2018, 18:00 UTC