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Plugin geochat makes it possible to talk with users mapping nearby (in a 20 km radius). it is highly useful at mapping parties, and also for novices who are interested in regional mapping practices.


When the panel is opened, it will ask for a name, and then a chat panel will be shown. It is not required to keep it open: if someone posts a message, an asterisk in a panel header would notify you of that. If a message addressed specifically to you appears, an asterisk would be replaced with exclamation marks.

Right mouse button click opens a popup menu, from which you can enable a map layer with all nearby users on it, copy selected text to a clipboard, or open a tab for talking with a nearby user privately.

Warning: the plugin regularly sends to a server a location of a place you are editing, which is then distributed among users mapping nearby. This is a mandatory functionality, it can be disabled only by not logging in to a geochat server.

The plugin is maintained by User:Zverik. Server API is described on a separate page.