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iD-indoor user interface

iD-indoor ( is an indoor mapping OpenStreetMap editor, based on iD.


iD-indoor can do everything iD can, and has specific functionalities dedicated to indoor editing:

  • A level selector allows to filter which floor should be shown on map
  • The tag presets contains indoor-related features (rooms, doors, corridors...) and small objects (fire extinguishers, public transport ticket validators, shop shelfs...)
  • A dedicated map style for the previous objects
  • And other functionalities that makes editing easier.


iD-indoor supports both IndoorOSM and Simple Indoor Tagging schemes. However, suggested presets are based on OpenLevelUp recommended tagging.

Source code

The repository of iD-indoor is hosted at Framasoft. This indoor version of iD is released by PanierAvide under the iD license.

See also

  • OpenLevelUp - The indoor mapping viewer
  • Indoor mapping - Information about indoor in OpenStreetMap
  • level=* - Simplest way to indicate on which floor an object is located