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The BIPT institute is providing a list and a map of all the antennas used for mobile communication in Belgium. The list is based on what communicates the operator to the BIPT and is updated regularly. The goal of this import is to add them once in OpenStreetMap. The BIPT has given explicit authorization to do so. Guidelines to update the antennas information can be found here. In any case, it is important to leave the tag ref:BE:BIPT=* id in place.


✔️ 03/2020 : Preparation of the import

✔️ Consultation of the Belgian community

✔️ Import in OSM (antennas that need to be manually reviewed)

✔️ 05/2020: Import in OSM (all other antennas:

  • (6 months later) New sync with OSM with only differential changes
  • Monthly import via a script

Import Data


Data source site:
Link to permission: from ******

email 1:

   Nous vous confirmons qu’il n’y a pas d’obstacle à l’utilisation des données exportables sous Excel via l’adresse, pour les besoins de OpenStreetMap. Nous attirons toutefois votre attention sur les points suivants :
   - Les données sont mises à jour de façon mensuelle par les services de l’IBPT sur la base des informations fournies par les opérateurs. L’IBPT ne peut donc offrir aucune garantie quant au caractère exhaustif ou exact du contenu.
   - L’IBPT veille à la plus grande disponibilité des informations fournies par le biais de ses sites web. Il se peut cependant que ceux-ci soient momentanément inaccessibles en raison de motifs techniques.
   - Aucune responsabilité ne peut être mise à charge de l’IBPT pour tout dommage direct ou indirect résultant de la consultation ou de l’utilisation des données.
   Si vous veniez à constater des erreurs dans les données mises à disposition via le site web, ou si vous avez des questions sur ces dernières, nous vous remercions de bien vouloir les porter à notre connaissance.

email 2:

   Nous vous confirmons que l'autorisation de réutilisation des données accordée par le biais de notre email ci-dessous daté du même jour peut s'étendre aux types de données visées par votre email du 17 février, à savoir : 
   l'ID du site d'antenne ;
   les opérateurs présents sur le site.
   Les mêmes réserves que stipulées précédemment (cf. points d'attention de notre email du 17/02) s'y appliquent.

OSM Data Files

The initial OSM data file is available here:

Import Type

Initially, the import will be a one-time import that will be prepared with python and then performed in JOSM. In python, the dataset will be converted according to the translation table.

The workflow is available here:

Later, an new import will be performed followed by a monthly automated import. These imports will only add new antennas in OSM.

Data Preparation

The data include a list of sites (base transceiver stations, BTS: where are sometimes located multiple antennas ([1], [2]). These antennas will mapped on the same node. If there is multiple ref:BE:*=* tags, this means that there is multiple antennas at this BTS.

Then, we will use the following translation table:

Translation table

Original data OSM tagging Comment
telecom=antenna Will be added to every nodes
See Wikiproject Belgium/Infrastructure/BIPT antennas
communication:mobile_phone=yes Will be added to every nodes
id_site ref:BE:BIPT=* Id of the site where is located the antenna
operator and id_operator ref:BE:Proximus=*, ref:BE:Orange=*, ref:BE:Telenet=* id from the operator

Note from after the import: The table is outdated, see Wikiproject Belgium/Infrastructure/BIPT antennas for how tagging is done now.

The latitude and the longitude in the BIPT dataset will be used for the coordinates of the nodes associated to antennas.

Changeset Tags

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

The import will be done by User:Vucod via a dedicated account (User:VucodImport) with participation of the Openstreetmap Belgium community.


The antennas already in OSM will be probably in the antennas from the BIPT. Therefore, several steps will be done to ensure a successful merge process :

- if an BIPT antenna is closer than 25 meters from an OSM antenna, we will do a manual review based on satellite imagery to determine if a merge is needed.

Otherwise, we will also check the following points:

- every BIPT antenna that is closer to 1m to any OSM nodes will be manually reviewed.

- every BIPT antenna not located on a building while received a fixme tag saying that the antenna may be mounted on a mast and may be a little be offset from its real position.

- every antennas that's not related to an BIPT antennas will be reviewed to see if the antenna has been removed.

Some numbers

There are around 300 mobile phone antennas in Belgium( The import will bring around 7800 nodes for antennas.

~800 BITP antennas have been reviewed manually. Around 5000 nodes have received a fixme=* tag.


A challenge on maproulette ([3])  will be created to resolve the fixme=* tags. The person doing this import will participate actively in the challenge and will call multiple times the OSMBE community for participation through the mailing list.           

The nodes to be fixed can also be reached via this link:                                                       

See also


Wikiproject Belgium/Infrastructure/BIPT antennas