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Public-images-osm logo.svg telecom = antenna
An antenna for transmitting telecom signals Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: telecom
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Status: imported

The tag telecom=antenna was first documented in the telecom project: Telecoms#Antennas. Later, it was used by an import in Belgium done in early 2020 in to add sites with antennas for transmitting mobile phone signals, from the BIPT database. The tag man_made=antenna is a more common, older tag with a similar meaning.

These features were imported as a node node with the tag telecom=antenna plus communication:mobile_phone=yes and a fixme=* tag with the value "Maybe slightly offset (can be underground: tunnels, metro); Maybe on a supporting struct. If yes, create it; Guidelines: https://osm.org/wiki/Wikiproject_Belgium/Infrastructure/BIPT_antennas" + ref:BE:BIPT=* and sometimes another ref=*. See the import page: Wikiproject_Belgium/Infrastructure/BIPT_antennas

If the antenna is mounted on a structure it could be tagged with: man_made=mast (most common), man_made=tower, man_made=water_tower, highway=street_lamp, man_made=chimney, power=tower. highway=street_lamp, or mapped as a building=*

If the antenna site is:

Also see man_made=satellite_dish and man_made=antenna - a more common, older tag with a similar meaning.