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Administrative Boundaries in Surabaya

The city of Surabaya is divided into 31 sub-districts (kecamatan), each containing a varying number of villages (kelurahan) within their boundaries, with a total 154 villages. The import data will be uploaded in community group level boundaries.These data from field survey and disscuss with staff village office in Surabaya City. We have finished the Surabaya project in February 2017, we have collected infrastructures and 1302 relations community group boundaries. We was digitized each community group boundaries in JOSM with format .osm

This survey work was done within the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) InAWARE programme.

The license data is Open Database License (ODbL), Yantisa Akhadi, Project Manager for Indonesia Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, gives the following data release authorization.

During the import we will put changeset tags that indicate the source. Nonetheless, it is useful to keep the source tag for each object as the changeset information is not forcefully got from any OSM extract tool and the source can be a very useful information for people who will work with these data.

Import Rules in OSM

The data from the administrative surabaya, considering its high quality, is to be imported into OSM and consequently, needs to follow the guidelines of any to-be-imported dataset.

The dataset has been analyzed, the attributes have been converted into tags, presented and validated to the imports mailing list.

Any import must be done through a specific OSM user account. So the advice is to create a new OSM user account (eg the usual name with _import at the end) from a secondary email address.

An special osm account ImporterSurabayaBoundaries has been created to do such import.

 Import Workflow

  • The administrative boundaries will be use the same tags as already defined in OpenStreetMap and Indonesia Presets PDC. The detail tags and object will be upload :
    1. place:village = point of villages name
    2. place:municipality = point of subdistricts name
    3. admin_level:9 = relation of community groups (RW)
    4. admin_level:7 = relation of villages (kelurahan)
    5. admin_level:6 = relation of subdistricts (kecamatan)
    6. admin_level:5 = relation of regency (kabupaten)
  • All the .osm files can be downloaded here to check them out.
  • All boundaries and villages has been reviewed by users with experience in boundaries that will support the import.
  • A python script was made to fill all the ways with admin_level lowest of all the relations that way was belonging to.
  • Announcement was done in the Import mailing list.
  • Using bulk upload of JOSM to do small piece and not saturate the server.
  • Every changeset is created with the following tags:
    1. comment=
    2. source=HOT Indonesia survey
    3. import=yes

Neighbour boundaries

Surabaya has no neighbour boundaries, it is inside the province East Jawa(relation 3438227), of boundary level 4, but it doens't overlap any other boundaries so no need to be worry deleting any previous ones.

What will be deleted is the place=villages massively added previously by user jeffhaack in that area without license on the changeset.


The import was delayed for 1 year. Finally will be uploaded on end of April 2018, as stated in the import guidelines. We will use also this link as the comment in the batch upload lots.


  • admin_level=9 (Community Group/RW) Total: 1302 relations
  • admin_level=7 (Village/Kelurahan) Total: 154 relations
  • admin_level=6 (Sub-Districts/Kecamatan) Total: 31 relations
  • admin_level=5 (Regency/Kabupaten) Total: 1 relation