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利用できる言語 — Key:proposed
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proposed タグは計画段階にある道路、鉄道、経路に使われる場合があります。
グループ: ライフサイクル
ノードに使用可能ウェイに使用可能領域に使用可能use on relations unspecified

Major road and rail planning schemes typically take years until actual construction begins. We may therefore wish to show planned roads, railways, routes (airports, other features...) on the map. Some commercial mapping companies also show planned features. This key can be used for any feature that is still in planning phase but construction hasn't yet started. For features under construction use construction=* instead.

In many cases it may be preferable to use a lifecycle prefix such as proposed:leisure=playground.


The way to tag planned features is to use the main tag (Key, e.g. highway, railway, amenity, aeroway, ...) and add proposed as value. Then you create another tag proposed=* with x being the <value you usually would put on the main tag>.

You are also encouraged to add the source for the plan with source=*. Please take care about copyright issues and don't copy from plans you're not entitled to do so.

proposed の値

Values of proposed=* can be all values usually used for the key where you inserted proposed as value (see above). Please keep in mind that cluttering the editors will cause problems (payload, clutter) to the other mappers, so don't exaggerate with proposed features.


要素 コメント
motorway ウェイ proposed motorway  
motorway_link ウェイ proposed motorway sliproad  
trunk ウェイ proposed important non-motorway road  
trunk_link ウェイ proposed sliproad to an important non-motorway road  
primary ウェイ proposed primary road  
primary_link ウェイ proposed sliproad to a primary road  
secondary ウェイ proposed secondary road  
tertiary ウェイ proposed tertiary road  
unclassified ウェイ proposed unclassified road (alternatively tag <proposed=minor>)  
residential ウェイ proposed residential road  
pedestrian ウェイ proposed pedestrianised road  
service ウェイ proposed service road  
track ウェイ proposed track  
bridleway ウェイ proposed bridleway  
cycleway ウェイ proposed cycleway  
footway ウェイ proposed foot path (alternative tag <proposed=footpath>)  
steps ウェイ proposed steps  

For roads to be removed, use proposed:highway=no. This is understood by (at least) ITO's Transport Construction map.

The way could be rendered as a modified (dashed, dotted, etc.) version of the corresponding <highway=.....> tag. See the highway tag for a full description of the rendering style.


railway=proposed is currently rendered on OSM Humanitarian and OpenRailwayMap, but not on the standard map.

要素 コメント
rail ウェイ proposed standard gauge railway  
narrow_gauge ウェイ proposed narrow gauge railway  
light_rail ウェイ proposed light-railway  
tram ウェイ proposed tramway  
preserved ウェイ proposed preserved railway  
subway ウェイ proposed subway  
monorail ウェイ proposed monorail  

The way will usually render as a modified version (dashed, dotted, etc.) of the corresponding <railway=.....> tag. See the railway=* tag for a full description of the rendering style.


For more specific description of the planning phase it would be necessary to invent an additional tag, because not all plans are realized, hence describing the probability for a proposed project to be realized. Please add documentation here in the future.


  • a further tag could be added to illustrate the expected beginning of construction and planned opening date.

e.g. construction_start_expected=YYYY-MM-DD construction_end_expected=YYYY-MM-DD


This is frequently used to describe projects that are abandoned, planned to start in a distant future and ones that are de facto fictional. See https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/issues/908 for examples.