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Aims to assist in all sort of curve creation. (also available in JOSM's plugin manager)

Status: Works, but only circle arcs supported currently.

Author: User:Olejorgenb

Circle arc

Rough description:

The order of the selected nodes determine which arc is created.

  1. Only 3 nodes selected: A brand new way forming the arc (determined by the selection order) is created.
  2. One way selected: The arc is "fused" into the selected way. The 3 last nodes in the way are used.
  3. One way and 3 nodes (in that way) selected: The arc is "fused" into the selected way at the position of the selected nodes.

If multiple ways share the nodes in 2 or 3, those ways are modified too.

Currently the middle node is moved, making the nodes in the arc proportionally distributed.

The maximum angle between two points in the arc (ie. the "resolution") can be set with the preference key "curves.circlearc.angle-separation". The default is 20.

Suggestions for how it should behave are welcome.

Josm-plugins-curves-circlearc-part1.png Josm-plugins-curves-circlearc-part2.png Josm-plugins-curves-circlearc-part3.png Josm-plugins-curves-circlearc-part4.png