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The todo list plugin implements a simple "to do" list of objects (either nodes, ways, or a combination of the two) which need to be examined by the user one at a time in order to edit or update them. You can download it using internal JOSM plugin manager.

Basic usage instructions

Adding items to the todo list

Add todo list.png

You begin by selecting a list of objects you need to work on (either with the mouse, or with a search) and then clicking the Add button in the todo list panel (the panel can be brought up with Ctrl+Shift+t or by clicking the todo list icon on the left side bar). This will add all of the OSM objects you have currently selected to the todo list; any items already in the list will be ignored so they are not added twice.

Working through the list

Zoom todo.png

Once you have built up a list of items that need attention you can either select one from the list and zoom to it with the Zoom button (or simply double click on the entry in the todo list). After examining the object in question and optionally editing it as necessary, you can mark the object as finished by clicking the Mark button on the todo panel (make sure you have the correct object selected in the todo list as it is the selected entry there that is marked, the selection in the main editor window is ignored).

Context menu

In addition to zooming and marking images using the buttons, the same functionality can be accessed by right clicking on entries in the todo list panel. Also available in this context menu are options to:

  • Zoom - Same as the zoom button at the bottom of the panel.
  • Mark - Same as the mark button at the bottom of the panel.
  • Mark all - Marks all un-marked objects in the todo list as completed.
  • Unmark all - Returns all marked objects back to the todo list.
  • Clear the todo list - Empties both the marked and unmarked lists.
  • Mark selected - Marks any items selected in the main editing window as being completed in the todo list. Useful if you want to use the search/filters to mark many objects as having been completed.
  • Select all Unmarked and Zoom - Select all objects on the main map which are in the todo list but have not been marked as complete yet. This is useful if you want to examine the unmarked objects, or do a search on the unmarked objects to determine a particular subset of them (for example all of the ones not having a particular tag.

Default hotkeys

  • Ctrl+Shift+t - Open or close the todo list panel.
  • [ (the left square bracket) - Skip over the currently selected todo list item without marking it complete.
  • ] (the right square bracket) - Mark the currently selected todo list item as completed and move on to the next one.

Case Use

  • Integrated use of the plugin in the TIGER cleanup initiate as rallied by user mvexel in this published [article]. Once marked done, the next way will be selected along with viewport centering.
  • Nodes of a way added to the list when skipped with the ( [ ) (the left square bracket), allows for way accuracy inspection at zoom level (20 - 19) . Ensure that the select working mode (S) is active to ensure expected behavior.

Future work

Future development on this plugin may include work on the following features, note that these are currently just ideas and therefore may not be done in the near future, or ever if they are deemed unnecessary:

  • An options menu for setting things like how the editor should zoom when selecting a new node, and different ways of sorting the order in which objects in the list are traversed.
  • Integration with the JOSM filter mechanism allowing the showing or hiding of items in the todo list, the marked list, or items not in the list.
  • Ability to save/load a partially completed todo list in a file for resuming work later, or for splitting up large tasks across multiple users.

Note that last development activity happened in 2014 - see

Currently maintained fork is at

Bugs and feature requests

There is a maintained fork at but ability to create issues is disabled - tickets may be created directly at the JOSM bug tracker[1]

There are also some old reports at now abandoned and ignored repository ( ).


This plugin was developed by users Gnonthgol and AndrewBuck. Development is at The source code is licensed under the GPL Version 2 or later.