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The JOSM WalkingPapers Plugin allowed the JOSM editor to bring in images from Walking Papers.

What was Walking Papers?

Walking Papers was a web service that let you select a map area from OpenStreetMap and created a print-ready PDF for that area. You could then walk around and scribble notes on the paper. Later, you scanned the paper and upload it to the Walking Papers server which made the scan available as georeferenced map tiles.

It should be noted that the service is no longer available on the web. Its former domain ( has expired, was not renewed and has been now cybersquatted by a new unrelated owner.

Walking Papers has been largely superseded by a new system called Field Papers which has a corresponding JOSM/Plugins/FieldPapers.

The Plugin

The JOSM plugin was loosely based on the SlippyMap plugin. After entering the identifier for a scanned Walking Papers map, it zoomed to the right place and loaded the Walking Papers tiles in the background.

How could I install the plugin?

Simply go to the Edit/Preferences menu, refresh the plugin list, and select the "walkingpapers" option. You had to restart JOSM afterwards.

Known issues

  • JOSM version 2255 with the WalkingPapers plugin version 17821, JOSM won't load the walkingpaper. Had to update JOSM to version 2485 or higher and the WalkingPaper Plugin to version 18597.