Kangaroo Point Meetup February 2010

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This will be a friendly meetup of openstreetmappers in Brisbane (Australia), hopefully with a few interested newbies thrown into the mix.

When: 19:00 Friday 19th February 2010

Where: Story Bridge Hotel, Kangaroo Point

Except for Deery's Restaurant (which is a bit too classy for us OSMers), the Story Bridge Hotel doesn't take bookings. We'll have to find a table on the night. Look for the OSM Australia poster or call David on 0407 151 912 to find us.

The Map

No mapping required! But if you want to, there's probably some minor stuff to do:

  • building names
  • shops/restaurants/cafes
  • street numbers

For people new to mapping, I'd (DavidDean) be happy to give a demo of some field mapping if you want.

If you want a printable map suitable for making notes on, you can get one from http://walking-papers.org .

Who's coming?

Anybody is welcome. Just turn up!


David Dean or email ddean@ieee.org, mobile 0407151912, twitter @dbdean