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Under Development, Import Not in Progress

This page is intended to document plans for an upcoming import of building footprints and address data from Kent, Washington, United States. The Kent import is a continuation of the original Seattle Import.


We plan to follow & update the plan found at import checklist. Due to the small scope of the project and the lack of any other mappers living in Kent, the final import will be carried out by System-users-3.svgOmnific (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.), with support from other area mappers furing the data preparation phase. The project will follow several distincy phases:

  • Identify data to import
  • Translate, tag, and otherwise tenderize the data
  • Assemble a team of locals
  • Work together on a plan
  • Make sure the community - OSM (imports@), OSM-US (talk-us@), OSM-Seattle - are all on board with the plan.
  • Manually import data through JOSM
  • QA the data

The intent is to begin this effort in mid-late 2016.


The goal of this effort is to add address and building data for Kent, WA.


  • Planning: July-August 2016
  • Import: August-September 2016
  • QA: post-import

Import Data


The data is a mix of King County-derived address data and City of Kent building footprints.

In a 2012-12-09 12:05PT email to User:Jeffmeyer, George Horning, King County GIS Center Manager, confirmed that the inclusion of the below notice on this OpenStreetMap Contributors page would suffice for crediting the source of any King County-derived data used in OpenStreetMap.

King County, Washington Data Disclaimer
Data provided by permission of King County.
King County provides links to third-party applications and sites that use King County data for informational purposes to the general public. King County does not warrant or support these applications or sites, nor does King County endorse or sponsor these sites. King County is not affiliated or associated in any way with these organizations. The content and views expressed on these sites are not those of King County. You access and use these links and applications at your own risk. Neither King County nor any of its employees or agents shall be liable for your use of these links and applications, nor shall they be liable for the accuracy of the information or any actions taken as a result of using the information.

In a 2016-05-18 3:15PT email to User:Omnific, Chien Chang, GIS Supervisor for the City of Kent, confirmed that the inclusion of the below notice on this OpenStreetMap Contributors page would suffice for crediting the source of any King County-derived data used in OpenStreetMap.

City of Kent, Washington Data Disclaimer
The City of Kent makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the use of reuse of the data provided herein, regardless of the format or the means of transmission. THE DATA ARE PROVIDED “AS IS,” WITH NO GUARANTEE OR REPRESENTATION ABOUT THE ACCURACY, CURRENCY, SUITABILITY, PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, RELIABILITY, OR FITNESS OF THE DATA FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The information on this website is compiled from various sources and may change over time without notice. Information on this website is not intended to constitute advice nor is it to be used as a substitute for professional advice. The City of Kent, it officials, employees and agents shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, compensatory or consequential damages or their party claims resulting from the use of this data, even of the City of Kent has been advised of the possibility of such potential loss or damage.

Data Files

The City of Kent provided the building footprints in shapefile format in Washington State Plane North. This data was provided directly from the City of Kent GIS office.

King County, WA provides the address data in shapefile and .kmz formats in Washington State Plane North. This data is found at

Import Type

This is an OSM Seattle community-based, one-time import.

There are currently no plans to script or automate this import.

Data Preparation

Tagging Plans

Based on the DESC tag on the King County address data, the building type may be derived. This is as follows:

DESC Tag building = * Number of Address Nodes Notes
Access Point yes 1
Accessory Building yes 2,143
Camp/Bungalow bungalow 24
Campground yes 1 Campground office
Cemetary yes 4
Church church 47
Commercial commercial 2,066
Commercial Farm retail 6 Garden centers
Cultural yes 4
Dev Site yes 29
Educational school 66
Fire civic 4
Government civic 27
Health Care commercial 55
Industrial industrial 154
Lodging hotel 48
Mobile Home static_caravan 1,955
Multi-family residential 4,512 Apartment buildings, duplex
Other yes 22
Other Commercial commercial 754
Other Residential residential 83
Police civic 1
Public Gathering civic 33
Single Family house 23,859
Utility industrial 51

Changeset Tags

Tag: Kent, WA Building and Address Import

Data Transformation

The source files will need to be converted to OSM XML. King County shp files will be processed in Postgresql to expand street addresses. Code is available on github

We have used Paul Norman's org2osm to convert from Postgresql to an OSM XML for this. The translation script is:

def filterTags(attrs):
  if not attrs: 
  tags = {}
    if 'ADDR_NUM' in attrs:
        if 'FRACTION' in attrs:
            tags['addr:housenumber'] = attrs['ADDR_NUM'] + ' ' + attrs['FRACTION']
            tags['addr:housenumber'] = attrs['ADDR_NUM']
    if 'UNIT_NUM' in attrs and attrs['UNIT_NUM'] != '':
        tags['addr:unit'] = attrs['UNIT_NUM']
    if 'STREET' in attrs:
        tags['addr:street'] = attrs['STREET']
    if 'CITY' in attrs:
        tags['addr:city'] = attrs['CITY']
    if 'ZIPCODE' in attrs:
        tags['addr:postcode'] = attrs['ZIPCODE']
  return tags

Data Transformation Results

  • To come

Output OSM XML files can be reviewed here: Please do not import the data.

Data Merge Workflow


Using the JSOM, the address/building data will be examined in relation to the following:

  • Local knowledge
  • Bing aerial layer
  • Existing OSM data


  • To come

Importer Quality Checks

The accepting tasks from the Tasking Manager should fix the following issues when importing addresses to help insure a high quality import:

  • Street addresses match nearby street name. If the addr:street does not match the street, verify the OSM tag against the latest TIGER road overlay. If there is no match the district should be skipped. Notify User:Omnific of discrepancy. Additionally, add a note asking for a verification of street names.
  • Look for duplicate addresses. Check POI for address tags. Often POI's are added with incomplete addresses. Merge the imported address with the POI.
  • If a single address is inside of a building outline, merge the two. Leave multiple addresses inside building outlines as individual nodes.
  • Attempt to clean up misaligned roads by using the Bing background image as well as the "New & Misaligned TIGER Roads (TIGER 2013)"

Conflation Tools

  • To come

Known Dataset Conflation Issues

Local knowledge Issue: this is a great opportunity to infuse a lot of richness into King County's OSM data.
Approach: Based on local knowledge of the area, address nodes may be conflated with businesses if there is local knowledge to back it up.

Dedicated Import Account

The import will occur using the import-dedicated System-users-3.svgOmnific_Import (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.) account



  • Use of validation tools in the Tasking Manager process
  • IRC for question answering during the import.
  • Secondary review process after import as performed by User:Omnific