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Kerala government GIS initiatives

GIS Status of Kerala Govt:-

OSM data contribution by Kerala Government dept

System-users-3.svgcdacosm (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.) - October 23, 2015 - November 30, 2015

OSM usage in Kerala government

GOK GIS initiatives

IT Department

  • Kerala GeoPortal KSDI [1]
  • KSDI Map Catalog [2]
  • IIITKM [3]

LSG Department

  • Information Kerala Mission [4] [5]
  • Town and Country Planning [6]
  • KILA [7]
  • IPMS [8]

Education Department

CSV file for the above data can be found at:

Health Department

Home Department

Planning Department

Survery Department

PWD Department

Transport Department

Power Department

Mining and Geology Department

Industries Department


  • Kerala GIS [14] By Keltron
  • Kerala Spatial Database [15] By KSDI

Cost of Mapping

No Department Cost Comments
1 Transport Department/Suraksha Mitr 1.27 cr [1] CDAC - MapmyIndia
2 PWD Department/KSTP1 3.2 cr [2] To develop a HDM-4 based Road Maintenance Management Systems for PWD linked to GIS system

Project Details

Consultant - Wilbur Smith AssociatesProject

Cost – 32 Million(INR)

Project Duration(24 Months)

3 LSG Department/IMPS Basemap only 27.20 cr (estimated)

77.72 cr (estimated)

7000*38,860 sq km [3]
20000*38,860 sq km - Drone imagergy
4 Survey Department/Resurvey (DILRMP/Svamitva)
5 Power Department/HT Line Mapping
6 IT Department/Mapathon Kerala 4.24 cr [4]
7 Mines Department/Quarry Mapping
8 PWD Department/KSTP2/RMMS 4.37 cr (4,37,04,162.26) [5] The work consist of

(1) Training to Kerala PWD officials on RMMS concept

(2) One time road inventory data collection by CSIR-CRRI for 4000 km

(3) One time pavement deflection data collection using FWD (2 points per km) by CSIR-CRRI for 4000 km

(4) Pavement crust data, traffic data and axle load data collection by PWD

(5)Pavement history data related to construction details by PWD

(6) Procurement of web based RMMS software with the technical assistance of CSIR-CRRI

(7) Data input preparation of HDM-4 for further analysis of 4000 km jointly by PWD and CSIR-CRRI

(8) Analysis of HDM-4 for identified road network by CSIRCRRI

(9) Training to identified PWD officials on HDM-4 analysis and RMMS operation

TRL Professional & Software Services (India) LLP in JV with Experion Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd

9 LSGD/Road Connectivity Mapping 3000*2L=60Cr Estd Technical Partner


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