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This is a public FAQ about the Mapathon Keralam project organised by the Government of Kerala around OSM. Campaign updates are provided at

Mapathon goals


Increase awareness about OpenStreetMap and mapping in general among citizens of Kerala (particularly youth) and also among public institutions.

Capacity Building

To increase availability of mappers across the state, various capacity building programs are planned. Training shall be held across the state directly by project team or indirectly by other actors(government or non-government). Training can range from one day introduction to more detailed advanced training. Attempts will be made to create many trainer trainers to address the capacity gap.

To support the capacity building process training videos in Malayalam, self learning courses and other resource materials will be created. Online Training sessions are held with a mentor guiding the training programs.

Community Induction

30 minutes sessions will be held during each training program to introduce participants to OSM community. Sessions will be held by long time members of OSM India/Kerala. The volunteers for the session are:

The Mapathon Kerala team will coordinate with volunteers to for session to be held in the evenings IST or weekends. The sessions shall be over video conferencing platforms. (Proposed date for first session Oct 18th 2020)


Some form of incentivisation through public recognition will be undertaken to promote new user participation. Campaign website will feature contributors and their contributions so as to encourage others. Certificate of recognition and other rewards may be constituted.

Organised Mapping

Various government agencies required various thematic maps and they shall have field personnel. Effort will be made to work with these organisations to map themes of their interest. Eg: Harita Kerala Mission on mapping water bodies of Kerala. Kerala Institute for Local Administration to train and enable local body administration on mapping local assets.

Mapathon documentation

All ongoing and proposed mapping projects are documented at for community review and feedback.

Past projects should have a summary of the project contributions and a wrapup report with any learnings or followup actions.



All contributors of from the mapathon shall be requested to use the #mapathonkeralam in the changeset comment and can be reviewed on

Community channels

The mapathon team will announce projects on the <telegram group @osmkerala> and discussions shall be held in

Quality Control

Mapathon Keralam campaign expects to bring a large number of new mappers to OSM. Depending on its success this can lead to sudden surge in activity and hence increase in mapping errors. Mapathon Keralam shall adopt following strategies to mitigate risk involved.

  • Take steps to make new mappers aware and conscious of potential pitfalls.
  • Provide a facility for the new mappers to reach out in case of questions through different channels such as email, phone numbers, instant messaging etc.
  • Enable registration of new learners/volunteers  through a Tasking Manager instance so that work can be tracked and they may be reached out to. Mapathon Keralam shall make best efforts  to keep track of all new volunteers.
  • For training conducted by Mapathon Keralam Project directly, contributions of all volunteers shall be tracked using OSMCha at least during the training period.
  • Four members of Mapathon Keralam team shall undertake regular monitoring of contribution in Kerala during the campaign period. Help of other experienced volunteers is sought in monitoring mapping activities of newcomers and providing feedback to them.
  • Mapathon Keralam shall take steps to clear critical issues found using tools such as Osmosis within the boundaries to Kerala, India.

Organised Mapping

  • Organised mapping activities held under leadership of Mapathon Keralam shall use custom hashtags. Activities shall be managed through a Tasking Manager.
  • Government agencies may use data that they hold as reference to do the mapping activities. The data used will be documented as part of documentation on specific mapping efforts conducted.
  • It may be noted that mapping activities that some organisations may take up mapping activities independent of Mapathon Keralam though inspired by the campaign. Mapathon Keralam shall not be responsible for such activities. Community  shall act in its best interest.

Changesets or systematic map editing issues  can be reported on the community channels and the mapathon team will rectify or propose a plan to fix these issues with community participation. If there has been no action from the mapathon team on a problematic edit for 2 days, it can be reverted by the community at their discretion.

Akshya Center Mapping

All Akshaya Centers in the state are mapped. Any issues found may be reported to Mapathon Keralam project team

Upcoming Projects

Mapping Support Data

Mapathon Keralam project compare datasets it holds with OSM data to generate information on missing features on OSM. The data generated information is provided to OSM mappers to help identify gaps in mapping. The data is provided under The GODL-India license under the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP) of Government of India.

Missing roads non-Corporation areas

KSDI compared OSM road network with various data sets it has to identify missing roads. Here is a result for Trivandrum non-corporation area. The data is provided to OSM community as reference.

Hospitals under Government of Kerala

Information on location of hospitals were extracted from multiple sources within government of Kerala and pooled to assist mapping process. This may be used as reference to guide mapping effort. The data should not be imported to OSM as quality is not assured.

Local Self Government bodies offices

Coordinates and information on Panchayath Offices were extracted from various surveys conducted by KSDI and other govt agencies. Coordinates of potentially unmapped offices are extracted. The data is provided as reference to guide mapping efforts. The data should not be imported to OSM as quality is not assured.

Past Projects

<to be elaborated; omissions to be rectified>

  1. One day awareness program for NSS Program Officers
  2. Student awareness program held by NSS units
  3. Awareness program for government staff
  4. Harita Mission contributing stream and pond maps
  5. KSDI mapping Quarries

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