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Kerala State IT Mission (KSITM) is a government organization under Department of Information Technology, Kerala. Its headquarters is at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of the state Kerala. Under Kerala State Spatial Data Infrastructure following sites are operated:

Mapathon Keralam.png
  • Mapathon Keralam is being implemented by Kerala State IT Mission, which has utilised advanced technologies to effectively address the floods in the State. Mapathon Keralam, implemented with the concept of 'Let Us Make Our Map', is meant to be implemented the benefits of e-Governance with public participation. Through the Mapathon Keralam, the Government of Kerala aims to create extensive local maps of Kerala including physical infrastructure, natural resources and other information that are useful for planning and other developments.

Govt orders on Mapathon Kerala :- Govt orders


Kerala State IT Mission is running a campaign called Mapathon Keralam. Objectives and Guidelines for Mapathon Keralam can be seen here.

OSM Kerala Community Involvement Timeline

IT Mission Mapathon Technical Group Meeting with OSM Kerala

OSM Kerala community members urgued the need of improvement of OSM data in Kerala post floods in 2018. Community members sumbitted the proposal to release important datasets in Opendata license.Community member Naveen Francis talked/reached out to Minister Dr Thomas Isaac, MLAs like KS Sabarinathan, Veena George, Shafi Parambil, V. D. Satheesan. Dr Thomas Isaac asked to contact Potheri Vasudevan Unnikrishnan, Strategic Advisor ,Kerala Development Innovation Strategic Council.

August 28th 2018, proposal to Kerala government for releasing data for use in OSM - jointly written by community members in OSM Kerala and friends in CIS was submitted to then IT Secretary, IT Mission director and ICFOSS Director. There was a in person meeting then ICFOSS Director Jayasankar Prasad and Naveen Francis on the proposal on September 15. On 16th September 2018, Director Jayasankar Prasad and community member could convince the need to improve OSM then IT Secretary. And he asked the OSM Kerala communty to engage with ICFOSS.

Parallel efforts for creating Kerala Opendata portal was taken up with then IT Mission Director Sambasiva Rao by OSM Kerala community member User:Naveenpf. Sambasiva Director agreed to create Kerala Opendata portal on September 21, 2018.

On Nov 2,2018, OSM Kerala community was invited to take part in ICSET 2018 to present about OpenstreetMap. [4]. User:Naveenpf presented the ‘Openstreetmap in Education’ during ICSET 2018. IT Secretary was asking students came for ICSET 2018, to edit in Openstreetmap and he also urged the need of good map of Kerala.

On Nov 3, 2018, OSM Kerala community member User:Naveenpf meet with Biju, e-governance engineer Public Works Department. We talked about releasing KSTP data on NH, SH and MDR. On the same day we tried to have in person meeting with KSREC Director.

On the request from the Arun, GIS Head from ICFOSS, Wayanad OSM pilot report was send to Government by User:Naveenpf and User:Muzrian on November 27, 2018. Later for OSM pilot,OSM community created road project and building project for Wayanad. It was created in instance.

OSM Kerala volunteers had travelled to Thrivanathapuram for IT Mission meeting. KSITM KSDI’s Mapathon Kerala project community consultation was held on March 8 2019 2.30PM. It was a OSM Kerala community pre-consultation on crowd Sourcing data for OSM. The meeting was presided by Dr Chitra , Director KSITM. OSM Volunteers attended - User:Manojk,User:Muzirian,User:Jaisuvyas,User:Naveenpf.

August 2018

  • August 28, Proposal to Kerala government for releasing data for use in OSM - Jointly written by Community members in OSM Kerala and friends in CIS. Submitted to then IT Secretary, IT Mission director and ICFOSS Director

September 2018

November 2018

  • IT Secretary was asking students came for ICSET 2018, to edit in Openstreetmap and he also urged the need of good map of Kerala.
  • On the request from the govt, Wayanad OSM Pilot report was send to Government by User:Naveenpf and User:Muzrian.
    • Wayand OSM Pilot - Created OSM Community. Road Project and Building project for Wayanad was created for in instance.

March 2019

October 2019

August 2020

September 2020

October 2020

  • OpenStreetMap Kerala volunteers Welcomed the DC Initaitive and asked the need for training for new volunteers.
  • KSDI PM mentioned this mapping is not related to Mapathon Kerala.
  • Followup questions from community were unanswered.
  • User:Manojk filed a RTI request (RTI/34/2020-KSITM/227) to IT Mission about information about minutes of the first technical group meeting with osm kerala community with Director KSITM at March 8 2019 2.30PM on mapathon and osm crowdsourcing. Unfortunately the file is not available. Requested to the Team to document it in related page with proper content and official minutes like if its a clerical mistake.

Common Mistakes

Name – tag:

  • do not use only capital letters (not „KANNDANTHALLI ROAD“ but „Kanndanthalli Road“) --
  • the name-tag is only for the real name of objects not for descriptions, additional informations…
  • do not use abbreviations
  • the name in Latin English; local language name in name:ml…. ; see


  • do not map a single node for a building but a closed polygon with the tag building=yes/house
  • do not add „name=house/home/HOUSE/...“
  • buildings are normally rectangular (easy to map in JOSM)
  • do not map a building-polygon over an already existing building
  • buildings do not have shared nodes with a highways or other object (except the neighbor building)
  • highways normally do not go through a building


  • within villages/towns most highways are residential highways; only main roads with more traffic/importance are unclassified/tertiary/…
  • the nodes of a highway do not have shared nodes with other object types (exceptions : highway crossing with a railway→ level_crossing; crossing of a stream/river without bridge → ford=yes)
  • highways should always be connected to other roads (else routing is not possible)
  • prove your highway mapping by ground survey (especially if parts are not visible on Bing,ESRI,.. because of trees)
  • make as much as possible gpx-tracks and upload them
  • nearly all motorways are already mapped; do not add motorways without connection to other motorways, trunks and they are officially declared y the government!!


  • use layer=-1 only for bridges/tunnels/culverts
  • waterway=riverbank is only additionally for broad rivers; a linear way with waterway=river.. is always needed
  • do not connect river-ways to riverbank-polygons but to the confluent river
  • take care for the correct directions; water does not flow up the mountains


  • different type of landuse may not overlap : no villages inside a forest….
  • waterway=riverbank may not overlap with natural=wood…; that means divide the wood near the river in two seperate woods
  • map the landuse in small portions
  • landuse-areas do have shared nodes only with other landuse-areas
  • a farmland with „name=farmland“ is not correct
  • we do not map the personal name of the owner of a building/landuse-area…


  • Map them only if the case can not be solved without a multipolygon ( a lake in a small forest; a building with an inner courtyard..)
  • multipolygons without inner elements are useless


  • they should be mapped only with relations ( see state,district and sub-district boundaries)
  • boundaries should share nodes only with other boundaries (exception: a river declared as the boundary)
  • read the wiki for the correct admin_level
  • boundaries do not overlap with other boundaries

amenities, shops.. :

  • do not use the name-tag to describe the amenitiy, shop..
  • look in the wiki for the tags to use
  • a single node ony with a name-tag will not be rendered /visible on the map