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Pillbox at Curzon Bridges (South) cropped.jpg
A specific type of military bunker. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: military
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Documented values: 8
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A military=bunker node can have an additional bunker_type=* tag to specify the exact type of bunker it is. It can be a value from the table below, or some other appropriate value.

Core values

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
bunker_type bomb_shelter node area The bomb shelter are government-controlled places where civilians gather in case of bombing due to war.
서울시 민방위 대피시설.jpg
bunker_type command node area A reinforced structure used as a headquarter. For planning, tactics, directing troops and firepower. Often with living quarters and higher ranking officers. Sometimes equipped with observation-decks, periscopes and rangefinders. Not to be confused with the smaller observation post.
Batterie Heerenduin, Regelbau M 178 3.JPG
bunker_type flamethrower node area A reinforced structure used to operate a static flamethrower device.
German static flamethrower mine.jpg
bunker_type foxhole node area A reinforced structure, usually very small, used as a prepared firing position for one or two soldiers. Can be a standalone construction or a part of a trench.
A soldier from the 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade, 7th Armoured Division, emerges from his foxhole armed with a PIAT, 28 December 1944. B13235.jpg
bunker_type garage node area A reinforced structure used to protect vehicles and other equipment.
Ofen PAK-Garage F 6101.jpg
bunker_type gun_emplacement node area A reinforced structure used to operate a field gun or heavy artillery.
Gun Emplacement - The Battery Tynemouth - - 503779.jpg
bunker_type hardened_aircraft_shelter node area A reinforced hangar to house and protect aircraft from damage.
Flugzeugbunker Oldenburg.JPG
bunker_type air_raid_shelter node area A reinforced structure for civilians to shelter in during air raids
Children outside air raid shelter, Gresford (20707033436).jpg
bunker_type medical node area A reinforced structure primarly used for medical treatment, like a dressing station or surgical theater.
British wwii operating theatre.jpg
bunker_type mg_nest node area A reinforced structure for a heavy machinegun with crew.
bunker_type mortar_position node area A reinforced structure for a mortar (indirect fire) with crew.
Mortar setup 160220-A-NC569-220.jpg
bunker_type munitions node area Indicates the position of a heavy concrete bunker structure to warehouse munitions.
Munitionsbunker Werl 2008 3.jpg
bunker_type nuclear node area A fallout shelter protects occupants from nuclear radiation. Fallout Shelter Sign.jpg
bunker_type observation node area A reinforced structure primarly used for observation and to direct firepower. Differs from a command post, usually a lot smaller and only operated by a few soldiers.
Salpa line bunker 326 observation cupola.jpg
bunker_type personnel_shelter node area A reinforced structure primarly used as living quarters and sheltering personnel.
Schron rb 502.jpg
bunker_type pillbox node area A small abandoned World War 2 gun emplacement.
Pillbox at Curzon Bridges (South) cropped.jpg
bunker_type submarine_pen node area A large costal structure used to shelter and dock submarines.
bunker_type technical node area A reinforced structure primarly used for operating and shelter technical installations. Example: Radar, power generators, communication centrals, searchlights.
An anti-aircraft searchlight and crew at the Royal Hospital at Chelsea in London, 17 April 1940. H1291.jpg
bunker_type tobruk node area A small bunker with a wide hole in the roof. Many variations were built by the axis during World War 2.
Tobruk Westwall Elmpt.jpg
bunker_type torpedo_launcher node area A reinforced costal structure used for operating a land-mounted torpedo launcher. Often referred to as a torpedo battery.
Torpedobatterie Nordlandet.jpg