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Dutch railway hectometre sign.png
The railway:position tag refers to an object's position along a railway line. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Railways
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Railway milestones (in black), rendered by OpenRailwayMap.


The tag railway:position=* is used to tag the location of railway objects, along a railway line. The reference system is the so-called distance ribbon; a virtual line along the railway. A ribbon starts at a terminus or junction and ends at such a location aswell. The position of an object is then referred to as 'the distance along the ribbon, to the start of the ribbon'. As described, the tag is used to tag the location of railway objects. They come in a wide variety: think of turnouts, signals and bridges for example. At the track, is often displayed by milestones / kilometre signs.


The values of Rounded number displayed on the sign. Mostly, this is the number, a decimal point, and then the first digit of the lower number. Negative values are permitted. If using miles, please prefix the number with mi:.

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