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Domovní čísla Záběhlice.jpg
Secondary house numbers known as "číslo orientační" in the Czech Republic. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Addresses
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Status: de facto


This key contains house numbers, which are known in the Czech Republic as "Číslo orientační"(cs) or in Slovakia as "Číslo orientačné"(sk).

Even though this key was not approved officially, it was accepted as a part of widely used, official address tagging system in Czechia and Slovakia.

Usage in Czechia

A sign from Brno, 280 is the addr:conscriptionnumber in the Staré Brno district, 39 is the addr:streetnumber on Hybešova street

For instructions on tagging addresses in the Czech Republic see Czech address system(cs).

Usage in Slovakia

A curious case from Levoča where addr:conscriptionnumber (black) and addr:streetnumber (red) are the same number (65/65 in this case)

A page in Slovak documents the current practice in Slovakia.

Here’s a common usage example for a building with multiple entrances sharing the same conscription number:

SK building addresses.svg