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Public-images-osm logo.svg building:material
Münster, LVM -- 2017 -- 6351-7.jpg
Outer material for the building façade. Edit or translate this description.
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The key building:material=* is used to describe the outer surface material of building walls, also know as the facade or façade.

This information can be used to model 3D buildings.

How to map

Add the tag building:material=* to an area that is also tagged with building=* or building:part=*


Key Value Short description Example image
building:material cement_block This is used to indicate Concrete masonry unit or cement blocks Hormigón re-interpretado.jpg
building:material plaster Building coated in plaster Plaster
building:material brick Facade made of bricks Wall of bricks
building:material wood facade made out of wood Wood
building:material concrete facade of concrete concrete
building:material glass front covered in glass Glassfront
building:material mirror front covered in mirrored-glass mirrored-glass front
building:material stone stone on stone, mostly castles etc. Stonefront
building:material sandstone stone made of sand Sandstone
building:material limestone This is used to indicate Limestone Limestone as building material
building:material sand_cement_blocks Hand made blocks using a mix of Sand and Cement Manual Sundrying Sand Stone Bricks
building:material steel non-decorative metal, often seen on industrial buildings or tanks.
building:material metal metal front, flat or in waves, Corrugated galvanised iron. Metalfront
building:material mud Dried mud - also see adobe and rammed_earth.
building:material timber_framing Timber framing - this tag is used in Indonesia to describe the structure, rather than the facade Timber framing
building:material metal_plates front with other, metal plates Platefront
building:material plastic front made of plastic, for example, plates or sheets Stone/plasticplatefront
building:material vinyl plastic vinyl strips Vinyl siding
building:material tiles generally ceramic tiles Ceramic tiles
building:material adobe indicates adobe, aka cob, wichert, puddled clay, bousille, etc. Old Adobe House Summit Arizona 2014.jpg
building:material rammed earth indicates rammed earth Arquitectura de tapial.JPG
building:material masonry Unspecified masonry - see also brick, cement_block.
building:material ???

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