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Site suitable for campers (recreational vehicles, caravans)? Edit or translate this description.
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The key campers=* is a qualifying key of tag tourism=camp_site, tourism=caravan_site, tourism=hotel, tourism=motel, tourism=hostel and tourism=chalet. The key is used for campers (recreational vehicles) and caravans, because the limitations for both are similar.

A camper is a trailer (vehicle) or vehicle accessory used for camping. Possible executions are recreational vehicles, travel trailers, popup campers, camper shells and campervan (self-powered vans converted for camping). Definition from Camper on Wikipedia.

Possible tags

  • campers=yes - campers are allowed and the terrain as well as access road are suitable for campers;
  • campers=no - campers are not allowed or the terrain or access road are not suitable for campers.


Some camping locations are suitable for tents, but not for campers. Main reasons a terrain is not suitable for campers are:

  • Access route is not suitable
  • Ground would be damaged by the camper
  • Patches are too small
  • Camping is in a protected area where no vehicles are allowed