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Public-images-osm logo.svg communication:amateur_radio:repeater:modulation
Describing modulation schema of an amateur radio repeater. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: communications
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Use communication:amateur_radio:repeater:modulation=* to assign the modulation schema of an amateur radio repeater.


The "modulation" value has to be selected according to WARC 79 agreed system for classifying radio frequency signals. An emission designation is of the form BBBBMSIDX.

Character Description Usage Common Values
BBBB bandwidth of signal mandatory 20K0 (20.0kHz); 11K2 (22.2kHz)
M type of modulation (main carrier) mandatory F (FM), A (AM), J (SSB)
S type of signal mandatory 0 (unmodulated), 1 (FSK), 2 (AFSK), 3 (analog signal)
I type of information mandatory A (CW), B (teletype), E (analog esp. voice), F (TV)
D practical details of information optional A (CW), J (low bandwidth analog, voice)
X method of multiplexing optional N (no multiplex)

More detailed tables can be found on wikipedia:Types of radio emissions.

Common amateur radio wide FM (25kHz channel separation) repeater modulation is "20K0F3E". Amateur radio modulation narrow FM (12.5kHz channel separation) is "11K2F3E".