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Describing repeater receive frequency offset from repeater transmit frequency. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Amateur_radio
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For an amateur radio repeater use tag communication:amateur_radio:shift=* to assign the repeater receive frequency offset from value of key communication:amateur_radio:repeater:frequency_out=*.


The shift value is given in (Hz). It has to be algebraically added to the "frequency_out" value to find the repeater's incoming frequency. This value could be negative.

Typical values are -600000 for 2m repeaters, or -7600000 for 70cm repeaters.

As an alternative, the SI units 'kHz' (frequency=600 kHz), 'MHz' (frequency=7.6 MHz), or GHz' (frequency=1.2 GHz) should be used. The unit should be separated by a space from the value. As decimal separator always '.' should be used.

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