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Drawings by young Syrian refugee girls in a community centre in southern Lebanon promote the prevention of child marriage. (14496389777).jpg
To describe the group of people of a community centre Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Status: de facto

The community_centre:for tag is used to describe the group of people that is primarily served by the facility, when it is distinguished by age or gender. The singular form is preferred for the values. Several values can be semicolon-separated.

Tag Description
community_centre:for=child E.g., a children's centre
community_centre:for=juvenile E.g., youth centre
community_centre:for=student E.g., student centre
community_centre:for=girl A place that segregates on young females.
community_centre:for=boy A place that segregates on young males.
community_centre:for=man A place that segregates on men.
community_centre:for=woman A place that segregates on women.
community_centre:for=senior A place where elder people gather.
community_centre:for=family A place where parents with children gather.
community_centre:for=homosexual A place where gay people gather.
community_centre:for=multigeneration A place that brings different generations together
community_centre:for=neighbourhood A place that explicitly addresses the neighbourhood, i.e. all residents around a place
community_centre:for=disabled A place where people with disabilities gather. If social care is provided at this place, amenity=social_facility would be preferred.
community_centre:for=athlete E.g., the community centre of a sports club where people gather, but do not practice the sport itself here.
community_centre:for=immigrant A place where immigrants can meet among themselves or with other people.
community_centre:for=lgbtq For the LGBTQ* community. See also lgbtq=*

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