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Classification of the accessibility of delivery point used for incoming mail deliveries to an address Edit or translate this description.
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The delivery_point:access=* tag clarifies the level of accessibility for general mail deliveries to the postal address relevant to the map element on which the tag is placed. It is intended to be used with delivery_point:type=* (except where the value of that tag implies the level of accessibility and this tag would be redundant - for example delivery_point:type=serviced).


Key Value Description
delivery_point:access public Mail and general deliveries to the delivery point can be made by anyone at any time.
delivery_point:access timed Access to the mail delivery point is public at certain times of day and restricted at others. For example, where delivery is to a receptionist during normal working hours (use with delivery_point:type=serviced), or where a main entrance door is secured by an electronic lock on a timer, perhaps only allowing access without a key during the morning.
delivery_point:access restricted Access to the mail delivery point at any time can only be made through one or more access-controlled doors or gates, requiring either a key / passcode / fob etc, or for the door to be unlocked by an occupant.