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Classification of the type of delivery point used for incoming mail deliveries to an address Edit or translate this description.
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The delivery_point:type=* tag describes the arrangement by which mail or leaflet deliveries are made or distributed at the postal address relevant to the map element on which the tag is placed. See for example this page for more information about types of mail receptacle.

Although this tag could be used on any element also tagged with a postal address and to which mail deliveries can be made, it is probably most useful in the case where a number of subunits of accommodation are referenced by a single entity (such as a building, entrance or site) tagged with one street address - most obviously, an apartment buildng.


Key Value Description Photo
delivery_point:type individual For buildings with multiple subunits of accommodation, each has its own delivery point located close to or within the subunit itself, eg a through-door letter slot or a mailbox located by the subunit entrance. This is also often the default arrangement where a uniquely addressed entity refers to a single unit of accommodation (eg building=house), in which case this tag may be implied.
delivery_point:type clustered Typically found in an apartment block, a cluster of mail boxes (one for each unit) are mounted in a group internally (eg, in a lobby behind a controlled door, in which case also use delivery_point:access=restricted) or externally (eg, by the communal entrance door or at the site perimeter, in which case also use delivery_point:access=public).
delivery_point:type communal Typically found in an HMO (UK usage; House in Multiple Occupation), a number of units of accommodation are served by a single letter slot, usually in the communal main entrance door. Implies delivery_point:access=public.
delivery_point:type serviced Mail is handed over to a receptionist or concierge inside a building, usually for onward dissemination to individual occupants by them. Access is therefore usually only available for limited times of day. Implies delivery_point:access=timed.
delivery_point:type none Use delivery_point=no instead.