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To indicate if an amenity (such as a cinema or restaurant) offers a drive-in service. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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drive_in=* indicates if an amenity offers a drive-in service, meaning you can park your vehicle and sit in it while using the amenity, such as with a drive-in cinema or restaurant.

  • For a cinema, drive_in=yes indicates that you drive in and watch the movie in your car.
  • For a restaurant, drive_in=yes indicates that you park your car and a server will come to your car and take your order. The server will then bring your food to your car.

This should be tagged with: drive_in=yes/no

See also: drive-in on Wikipedia and drive-in_theater on Wikipedia

Note this is different from a drive_through=*, which is more common. drive_through=yes is where you drive through in a line, and use the service without parking, just stopping briefly. For example at a restaurant drive-through, you drive up to an order box and place your order then drive up to a window to get your food. For that, see: drive_through=yes/no


Tag the amenity as:

  • drive_in=yes - drive in service is available
  • drive_in=no - no drive in service is available


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